To put an end to size 34: these new models that shake up the lines

To put an end to the size 28: these new models who move the lines

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To end with the size 34: these new models who move the lines

To put an end to the size 28: these new models who make the lines move We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. To put an end to the size 28: these new models who move the lines Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

To finish with the size 34: these new models who move the lines

Long accused of grossophobic, the fashion industry seems to be working for change by highlighting new faces. And new curves.

Their mere presence on the catwalks reshuffles the cards of diversity. They are called Alva Claire, Jill Kortleve, Paloma Elsesser or even Precious Lee, and the fashion industry is snapping them up. The site , a trombinoscope which lists models and creatives from the world of fashion, places these young women in his “Top 50” of the most requested faces . All of them show a silhouette in affinity with the wave of the body positive who advocates the acceptance of his body, whatever it is. And even if the industry continues to place them in the category “plus size models” (
Jill Korteleve is 34, the largest size worn by French women …), they are now omnipresent in magazines and advertisements. And therefore no longer act as a foil for brands that have long promoted size 28 as the standard. A greeting that comes straight from this new generation of more committed consumers, who aspires to a sincere aesthetic in which they can recognize themselves.

Yumi Nu

At 24 years old, Yumi Nu is on the rise. American-Japanese musician, she is also part of this panel of “plus size” models that we see everywhere. It began in the years 50: from this period, it retains a sector different from today, where the busty forms were anecdotal on the catwalk. Yumi Nu has posed for H&M, Sports Illustrated, or even walked alongside Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid at Jacquemus’ “The Mountain” fashion show. The young woman sees her presence in fashion as a breakthrough, especially with regard to the representation of Asian models that she saw as a child as “the last on the list.”

Jill Kortleve

Bushy eyebrow, black bob cut clean, Jill Kortleve is a 28 years old with a familiar figure. And for good reason, she dresses in 34, in other words, the size more worn by French women (according to the French Fashion Institute). Her crazy rise began in March 2010 when she paraded for Chanel at the Grand Palais, in Paris. It had been ten years since the Parisian label had scrolled a model whose measurements were outside the “standards” of fashion (size 28). Today, Jill Kortleve is everywhere: on catwalks and in advertising campaigns.

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Paloma Elsesser

The young woman was studying philosophy in New York when she was spotted on Instagram in 50 by Pat McGrath, the star of make-up artists. Ten years later, she is crowned “model of the year”, poses for campaigns Fenty Beauty, the cosmetic brand of Rihanna, or Proenza Schouler. She also had the opportunity to participate in a Nike campaign, the favorite sportswear label of another committed woman: tennis champion Naomi Osaka. And has the strong will to change things. “I had never seen a girl dress the way I wanted to dress. (…) I want to provide an answer and represent all these identities ”, she explained to the magazine Vogue .

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In video, the Versace Spring-Summer show 2021

Alva Claire

The young Briton started modeling at the age of 19 years . But her career only exploded ten years later, when she paraded in September 2020 for Versace alongside Jill Kortleve and Precious Lee. A break occurs on the podium: never a model says plus size had paraded for the Italian label. This shift, Donatella Versace also expresses on a creative level. “The world has changed and we have changed,” she told Vogue. I wanted to do something disruptive and break the rules because from my perspective, what worked a few months ago no longer makes sense today. ” Since then, Alva Claire has had a series of contracts and podiums.

Precious Lee

When Precious Lee started modeling at years old, she wanted to send the boxes to waltz. “There was hardly anyone who looked like me doing the kind of work I wanted to do. It was always, “If you’re tall and black, you can be the lingerie girl, the bath girl,” “she told Vogue. His goal ? Haute couture. A sector reputed to be less “open” than ready-to-wear, and where we now see parade women more representative of “real” life. Precious Lee contributed to this by embodying, in January 2020, the couture vision of the Area brand.