Lemon Salt Cure Recipe for Unwanted Hair Removal

To get rid of unwanted hair with natural methods you can apply Lemon and Salt cure. Lemon, which has many benefits, also saves you from unwanted hair.


  • One whole lemon
  • Two teaspoons of salt
  • Preparation of

To prepare the cure, cut the whole lemon in half and squeeze all the juice into a container. Then add all the salt you have on this lemon juice and mix. After stirring for a while, apply the hairs to the root areas (legs, armpits, bikinis or face) with cotton.

After waxing, apply this cure to all areas you have taken from the root with waxing. This curing works up to the roots of the hair and makes the hair grow later, softer and less frequent. After the implementation on the third network you will be able to see different very well.

Lemon salt cure, which reduces hair, waited up to 2 hours in thicker layered areas such as your legs. In sensitive areas such as face and bikini, you should wait for 15 minutes. Apply this cure for 3 days after each waxing. If it does not cause any problems on your body, do the application on the fourth day.

This cure, prepared with lemon and salt, penetrates to the bottom of the hair follicles and causes the roots to be destroyed. In this way, the damaged roots begin to remove less hair. If you continue to apply continuously, you will be able to get rid of the hair completely after a while. We would like to state that there will be burning sensation when applying this cure. Some people cannot stand this burning sensation. If you feel unbearable pain, immediately wash the area with water and do not try again. You can continue to try if the sensation of pain is to withstand.