Tiktok Delete Account

Tiktok Delete Account

Launched in September 2016 and developed by RockedBuzz, Tiktok is a Chinese mobile application for creating and sharing video while adding effects and music. Like musically and snapchat, the app works as a social network where everyone shares videos with their friends and followers.

This social network has been very successful with its users. However, several people complain about this network and want to delete their account.

If like them, you have created an account but you want to delete it? Wondering how to delete a Tiktok account? How do I unsubscribe from Tiktok notifications? How do I contact the application’s customer service?

In this little practical guide, you will find all the information you need to permanently close a Tiktok account in just a few clicks.


If you are bored of Tiktok and want to deactivate your Tiktok app profile, it’s quick and easy. In the following you will find the steps to unsubscribe from the video sharing and networking platform:

  • Launch the Tiktok app.
  • Log in to your account with your username and password.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Go to your settings.
  • Press the “My account” section then click on the “Manage my account” tab.
  • Scroll down to the bottom then click on the link “Thinking of deleting your account”.
  • You will receive an SMS containing a code to confirm the deletion of your account
  • Enter the code received then click on “Continue” to confirm the closure of your profile.
  • A pop up window appears, click on “Delete Account”.

Here you are, it’s done, your Tiktok account has been successfully deleted. You will also no longer be able to log into your account or access videos that you have posted on the app. Also, all your personal data, messages and discussions will be permanently deleted.

You must then uninstall the Tiktok application.


To moderate the massive reception of notifications and newsletters on your phone, you can manage your notifications from the application by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Start by opening the application.
  • Log in to your profile with your email and password.
  • Go to your account settings.
  • On the “General” heading, click on the “Push notifications” tab.
  • Uncheck all of the choices to stop receiving notifications and alerts from the mobile application.

That is, you will no longer receive alerts from this video sharing social network.


For more information on deleting the account, if you are having difficulty using the mobile app, or if you have a general question, please feel free to contact customer service. For that, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the website www.tiktok.com.
  • Log in to your account with your username and password.
  • Go to the application’s help center.
  • Once on the help page, click on your account settings.
  • Click on the “Report a problem” tab.

You just need to mention your problem and then send your request.

To conclude, feel free to leave your thoughts on deleting your Tiktok account in the comments.

How to delete tiktok account without logging in

Instagram’s invention of “link in bio” is making its mark on TikTok. This is said to be a new way to monetize content for app followers.

With more than 1.5 billion downloads, TikTok becomes in 2019 the third application downloaded in the world. This platform owned by ByteDance, offers music videos and is currently testing a new feature: embed a link in their profile, like on Instagram and many other social networks.

A function conducive to monetization

TikTok continues to develop its offering in order to offer new options to its content creators. She is currently testing the addition of “link in bio” to her platform, the creation of Instagram. The addition of this feature is not trivial, it allows users to directly link their content to their blog, or brands to their ecommerce site.

This option would be present on users’ accounts, but also on their publications. Just swipe over the post to be taken to the website, all thanks to the presence of the URL. For the application, this function would be a real financial boon in the face of the success of its platform and the engagement it has garnered. This makes the monetary process more transparent for users, it was previously not possible to directly link trade to the application.

A promising test for the various stakeholders

For now, this feature is only tested in the United States, but TikTok could very quickly find the frenzy of the most addicted countries. With 466 million downloads in India, the implementation of this new way to monetize content would be a real success.

Whether it’s brands or content creators, TikTok is the go-to communication channel in 2019, and certainly 2020. According to the company, this test is produced with the goal of making the user experience easier. If successful, the opportunity could be huge for businesses and users.

How to delete someone else’s tiktok account

Have you tried TikTok, but bored of this video sharing app? Here are the steps on how to easily delete your TikTok account.

Since the start of 2020, TikTok has been breaking records. With containment, the video-making mobile app has been one of the most popular in the world with 315 million downloads and 800 million monthly active users according to Datareportal. This makes it one of the most used social applications of the moment, behind Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp and Instagram.

But even if it is fun and easy to use, this mobile application also has its drawbacks. It can be time consuming and intrusive when there are too many notifications. Like other social networks, it is an application that requires you to set up the confidentiality of the account, to avoid receiving unsolicited messages from Internet users. Finally, TikTok has also been singled out for security breaches. Whatever the reason, if you get bored of TikTok or face a security problem, you are totally fine to delete your account.

This process is done only on the mobile application. Please note: once your account is deleted, you will also lose access to the videos you have posted. So it is recommended that you download your TikTok videos if you want to keep them. However, you have a period of 30 days to reactivate your account after deletion. After this period, the deletion will be final.

How to delete a TikTok account

  1. Open the TikTok mobile app on your smartphone (iOS or Android).
  2. Click the Me icon at the bottom right of the Home screen. This action opens your profile page.
  3. Click on the three small dots at the top right of your account page. This action opens the settings and privacy page.
  4. Click on the Manage my account line under the Account heading. This action opens a new menu.
  5. Click Remove Account at the bottom of the page.


  6. The deletion request must be confirmed by sending an SMS. Click on Send a code: it is sent to the phone number you specified when creating your account.
  7. Enter the code received by SMS in the space provided, then click Continue.


  8. Confirmation is required to delete the account. This deletion will be final after 30 days: during these 30 days, the account is only deactivated and you can reactivate it by logging in. Click Remove Account to confirm the removal request.

Remove the TikTok mobile app

Supprimer l’application TikTok sur Android

  • Open the PlayStore app on your smartphone.
  • Click on the three horizontal bars at the top left of the interface. This action opens a menu on the left.
  • Click on My games and apps. This action opens a new page.
  • Click Installed Apps.
  • Scroll down the list of installed applications until you see the TikTok application.
  • Click on the name of the application. This action opens the presentation page of the application.
  • Click on Uninstall.

Delete the TikTok app on iPhone or iPad

  • Tap and hold the TikTok app icon.
  • Click on the cross that appears to the left of the application icon.
  • Confirm the removal of the application by clicking on Remove in the dialog box.

How to protect your TikTok account

We tell you the optimal settings to protect your profile on TikTok against hackers, haters and spam.

Every day millions of people around the world consume videos on TikTok and share their own. Some do it to unleash their creativity and socialize, others for popularity. But, like any online community, TikTok is not just a platform for fashion bloggers and their followers. It also hosts haters, scammers, and other spammers. We tell you what security and privacy settings help you protect your account from their attacks.

Security settings on TikTok

Let’s start with the most important thing: protect yourself against hacking. To view the security settings that TikTok offers, click on the Me icon and then on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. The settings you need are in Manage account.

Does TikTok offer two-factor authentication?

Many social networks and services help users protect themselves against password theft. Two-factor authentication adds an additional barrier of protection. For example, if 2FA is activated, the application will request, in addition to the password, a one-time code that it will send on request by SMS.

TikTok does not offer such a setting, only the Login with verification code option. In this case, TikTok sends you a one-time access code via text message. However, this is not two-factor authentication, as the code does not supplement your password, but rather replaces it. That is, if you have the code, you can enter your account without a password.

It is not a perfect solution, since the codes sent by SMS are not even close the most reliable protection solution, although, yes, the TikTok method will save you if someone steals your password. Without that code, no one will be able to access your account from an unknown device (one more thing: unlink TikTok from your phone number if you plan to change it).

If you log in through Facebook or another social network, TikTok will not send anything, as the application simply trusts the other services. So make sure that your Facebook account is properly protected.

How to disable the password memory function

TikTok remembers username and password by default. It may be practical, but are you sure you are not going to share your phone? If you do, disable the feature by unchecking the Save login credentials option in the Manage account option.

How to find out if someone is using my TikTok account

Imagine that you have logged into your account from someone else’s device and forgot to log out. Or, you fear that your account has been hacked. It’s easy to check if someone else is using your TikTok account.

  • Tap Manage devices to see which phones your TikTok account is active on.
  • Log out of unused devices by tapping the trash can icon next to the listed device and selecting Delete.
  • For security, change your account password.

Privacy settings on TikTok

By default, your TikTok profile is visible to everyone. Users outside of you can find your account, watch a video, and leave comments. If you are tired of spam and haters, or you simply prefer not to share your videos with everyone, you can tighten your privacy settings. To do this, click on the Me icon on the home screen, then on the three dots in the upper right corner and open Privacy Settings.

How to make your profile on TikTok private

If you are not interested in becoming a TikTok star and only want to share videos with your friends, set your account to be private, this will allow only approved followers to see your videos and your likes. To do this, go to Visibility and activate the Private account option.

The followers you already have will be automatically approved and will be able to see your videos, something similar to how the private Instagram profile works. If this is not enough, you can remove unwanted followers from your profile page (Me).

Remember that although you can make your profile private, its description will still be visible to all TikTok users. Therefore, do not show unnecessary personal information, such as your address or your phone number.

How to remove your profile from recommendations

By default, TikTok recommends your profile to other users if its algorithm determines that your videos may interest them or if it recognizes that you are related to them. Even private accounts can end up showing up in recommendations. This can happen, for example, if you have mutual friends with another user or if they have your phone number.

If you want to avoid receiving all kinds of recommendations, you can prevent the application from inviting other users to follow you. To do this, deactivate the option Allow others to find me in the privacy settings.

How to get rid of offensive comments and spam

Unfortunately, not all TikTok users have good intentions. Some just seek to annoy others with advertisements and insults.

To prevent the comments section of your videos from becoming a dung heap, you can set some restrictions. The easiest way is to block comments from users outside your community. To do this, under Who can post comments, select Friends or Off.

Also, TikTok allows you to disable comments on a specific video. To do this, open the video, click on the three dots at the bottom right and select Privacy settings. A page will open; Click on Disable comments for this video.

However, if you want viewers to freely comment on your videos, but don’t want to manually remove spam and offensive comments, try setting up a keyword filter. You must do the following:

  • Tap Filter comments.
  • Turn on Filter spam and offensive comments. This is the automatic moderator for TikTok.
  • Activate the Filter by keywords function and specify the words and phrases that you do not want to appear next to your videos. The robot will hide the comments that contain them.

How to disable Duets on TikTok

One of the particularities of TikTok consists in creating Duets (combining other users’ videos with yours) and reactions (video responses to other videos). By default, any TikTok user can take any user’s video and use it in a Duet or post a reaction. It’s great that your videos can inspire someone else’s creativity!

The problem, however, is that trolls can use this feature to attack you. You can block strangers from reacting or Duet with your videos; You must click on Who can Duet with you and Who can react to your videos and in both settings select Friends or Off.

Are you in favor of duets or reactions, except for that video of yours where you sing in a bar? No problem: you can block the use of a specific video. To do this, go to the video, click on the three dots in the lower right and select Privacy settings. A page will open; Click on Disable Duet / React options for this video.

How to remove spam from private TikTok messages

If you have enabled the option to receive private messages on TikTok from anyone, someone can flood your account with ads or invitations to follow them. To eliminate spam, you can completely block incoming messages or allow only those from your friends. To do this, go to Who can message you and select Friends or Off.

How to prevent video theft on TikTok

Another feature of TikTok allows you to download users’ videos. The advantage of this is that it allows you to conveniently save the videos you like. But some TikTok users may secretly download your videos and post them as their own on YouTube, for example. To complicate this task, you can disable the option: go to the settings and under Allow download select Disabled.

How to block annoying notifications on TikTok

Like any social network, TikTok needs your attention. By default, the app keeps you up to date on every little thing: likes, comments, new videos, and recommendations. Are you bothered by notifications? If so, disable the ones you don’t want in the account settings.

  • Click on Me on the home screen.
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select Push notifications.
  • Uncheck the interactions you don’t want to be notified of.

Or, you can disable all Tik Tok notifications in device settings. If you have Android, do the following:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Select Apps and notifications.
  • Go to Notifications.
  • Scroll through the list of apps.
  • Find TikTok on the list and turn off its notifications.

On iOS:

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Go to Notifications.
  • Find TikTok on the list and turn off its notifications.

How to block users on TikTok

If another TikTok user becomes irritating and you don’t want to see their comments on your videos, block them. For it:

  • Open their profile.
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select Block.
  • Press CONFIRM.

How to make your videos on Tik Tok private

The video is probably not ready to publish. You may want to tweak it or try some filters and functions. Or that you just recorded it as a personal keepsake. TikTok allows the video to be visible simply to you (or you and your friends).

For a new video:

  • After uploading the video, click Who can see this video on the Publish screen.
  • Select Friends (if you want them to see it) or Private (if not).

For a video you’ve already posted:

  • Open the video.
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select Privacy Settings.
  • Tap Who can see this video and choose Friends or Private.

How to delete tiktok account on website

We are going to explain how to delete your TikTok account permanently, so that if you are going to stop using it, all your data and the content you uploaded will be deleted. On some social networks like Facebook this is a pretty complicated process with many steps and traps to prevent you from deleting it, but on TikTok they make it quite easy.

Of course, keep in mind that if you delete your account you will lose it forever. You will no longer be able to enter it again, you will lose access to all the videos you had published and you will not be reimbursed for any purchases or expenses you have made. The good news is that you will have a few days to regret it and cancel the operation.

When you complete the process and request that your account be deleted, TikTok will first deactivate it for 30 days. On those days, your profile will no longer be public, but if you log in again, everything will be reactivated and you will not have lost anything. However, if you do not re-enter your account in those 30 days, it will be permanently and permanently deleted.

How to delete tiktok account 2020

Deleting your account is permanent and can’t be reversed. A deleted account can’t be recovered. If you’re having an issue on TikTok, contact the Support Team to let us know.

Delete tiktok account on computer

Go to your Profile tab. in the top right corner. 3. Tap Manage My Account > Delete Account.

How to delete your tiktok account on computer

Go to your Profile tab. in the top right corner. 3. Tap Manage My Account > Delete Account.

How to delete tiktok account permanently 2020

If you’re having an issue on TikTok, contact the Support Team to let us know.

  • Go to your Profile tab.
  • Tap the Settings icon. in the top right corner.
  • Tap Manage My Account > Delete Account.
  • Follow the steps in the app to delete your account.

How to delete tiktok account on pc

If you’re having an issue on TikTok, contact the Support Team to let us know.

  1. Go to your Profile tab.
  2. Tap the Settings icon. in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Manage My Account > Delete Account.
  4. Follow the steps in the app to delete your account.