Tiffany & Co launches a new perfume just in time for Christmas -!

As Mariah Carey says, there is nothing better we can find under the tree than a Tiffany & Co detail. Although it is not a ring, because this Christmas gift comes in the form of perfume with the new launch beauty of the jewelry firm.

Tiffany & Co has launched a new perfume called Rose Gold. A very strong and intense fragrance with notes of fruity blackcurrant and ripe lychee, accentuated by the spicy touch of pink pepper. But the most luxurious and special thing about this formulation is the Japanese blue rose heart , a unique flower that shares a hue with the brand’s flagship color.

This new luxury fragrance for Christmas 2021 is formulated by perfumer Jerome Epinette. Not only do you fall in love with the exotic combination of aromas, but also because of its presentation with a pink container with the signature blue leather logo and inspired by the cut of Tiffany & Co diamonds.

The perfume is already on sale and can be purchased in two different sizes : 74 ml. by 128 euros and 50 ml. by 95 euros. There is also a body cream for 43 euros and a hand moisturizer for 40 euros, ideal to create a set and make the perfect gift for lovers of beauty .

Photos | Tiffany & Co.