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Ticket chaos in Luleå: Police are investigating a fraud

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Published: Less than 30 minutes ago

The coveted final tickets have ended up in circulation on the black market, at mind-boggling prices.

Norrbotten police are now investigating several cases of fraud.

– It’s terrible that it happens this way, says Stefan Enbom, CEO of Luleå.

Tickets for the seventh and decisive game sold out within minutes.

Luleå are playing the biggest game of the last 26 years and the pressure on seats in the Coop Norrbotten Arena is hard as a rock.

Today the club has discovered several tickets in circulation on the black market that are sold for thousands of crowns.

“We have now started canceling tickets for those who have sold or tried to sell premium tickets. Reselling tickets is a violation of the terms of purchase, so we act as soon as possible. It will also affect those who bought tickets with a surcharge. So never buy like this! ”Writes Luleå’s communications manager, Robert Hedlund.

At least three cases

Due to the chaos of the tickets, several cases of fraud have ended up in law enforcement.

“On Wednesday the police quickly handled a series of cases involving fraud on a trading site. Tickets for tomorrow’s hockey match between Luleå Hockey and Färjestads BK went on sale and people who wanted to buy them rummaged around for money but they have not received any tickets. At least three cases involving fraud have been ascertained and will be further investigated “, Norrbotten police write on their website.

The club assists with help

Luleå’s managing director Stefan Enbom says the club helps in the work of the police and condemns people who sell tickets at sky-high prices.

– We have several employees with us who have been working with this all day. We have tried to scan the entire market and collect suggestions where tickets are being sold at exorbitant prices. We received a number in which we were able to redeem tickets.

– It is terrible that it has to happen this way and that people try to profit from it.

Will the club take action against the people?

– We haven’t had time to think about it. The most important thing for us right now is to get the tickets back and that those who have tried cannot make any money. If we act, we will talk about it after the final is played.