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This shameless Apple Watch Ultra clone is just asking for a lawsuit

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When you’re the biggest, richest, and most popular company in the world, competitors tend to want to copy you. But this latest Apple Watch Ultra knock-off is so shamelessly unoriginal that they’re supposed to be sending Apple 30 percent of all sales.

Slavishly created by Pebble (no relation to the Kickstarter record-breaking Pebble smartwatch), the Involvement of the Cosmos it’s a carbon copy of the Apple Watch Ultra in renders. Flat display? Check. 10 speaker holes? Check. Orange button with dimples? Check. Raised shelf around the Digital Crown? Check. Tubular geometric band? Check.

And it claims to have a number of Apple Watch features too: an always-on display, “AI” voice assistant, heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, and shockproof case. The company even uses the same images and black-and-white slogan: Adventure Awaits.

The watch is listed for 7,499 rupees or about $90 but is discounted at 3,999 rupees or $48. So we doubt it will have the same build quality and strength characteristics as the Apple Watch Ultra. However, even if you were curious, you cannot currently order one as none of the models offered (Salamander Orange, Starlight, Midnight Black or Celestial Blue) are in stock.