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This Russian tank was very lucky: the dramatic moments are on video

The footage taken by a Russian tank driver was shared on Twitter as his tank drove through the bombed-out streets of Marjinka during a year of war, and later opened fire on Ukrainian positions.

In the first half of the video, you can see that a Ukrainian suicide drone crashes into the combat vehicle, which continues its journey within the settlement despite the hit. Soon the tank takes another hit while holding Ukrainian positions under fire. The second hit – although just as ineffective as the previous one – already convinces the charioteers that the time has come to retreat to safe cover.

Although the armored has “with a hen cage”, both drones avoid the extra protection retrofitted to the tank to ward off such attacks. The luck of the tank owners is more likely to be attributed to the fact that both hits hit the more protected part of the tank – a hit to the top of the turret or to the less protected parts of the tank would most likely have destroyed the Russian tank.

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image source: Getty Images