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This is the best Chromebook under $100 to buy on Black Friday

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The best Chromebook under $100 to buy on Black Friday is the 11.6-inch Lenovo Chromebook 3 on sale for $79 at Best Buy. It’s a decent car with acceptable compromises.

The $79 Lenovo Chromebook 3 (normally $139.00) Best Buy it doesn’t offer the flashiest discount, but it has the best combination of features that avoids the pitfalls offered by other retailers. It’s one of the top offerings on our list of the best Black Friday Chromebook dealswhich also includes more expensive but more complete options.

We prioritize 8GB of RAM, a large and detailed screen, and a relatively fast processor as key attributes for a Chromebook. At under $100, these are rare. Lenovo’s Chromebook 3 offers just 4GB of RAM and an 11-inch 768p screen. But for the price, these are passable passes. We also like that the Chromebook 3 includes a Celeron N4020, a relatively modern dual-core chip, and support from Google that only expires in 2026.

We’ll warn you: There are other sites offering Chromebooks at this price point of $79 or less, most notably Walmart. Be wary of refurbished or “re-certified” Chromebooks, and be wary of Chromebooks that offer an N2840 or Celeron N3000 processor inside. These were made several years ago and are not worth the savings.

If your Chromebook budget is $100, we ask that you try to squeeze out another $20 and opt for the $119 Asus 14-inch Chromebook instead, with a whopping 64% off at Best Buy. You will get a much bigger and better screen and an improved processor. But if you can’t, go for the $79 Lenovo Chromebook 3 instead. It’s easily the best Chromebook under $100 you’ll find on Black Friday.

Check out the $79 Lenovo Chromebook 3 at Best Buy