This is how the new Windows 11 apps are, Calculator and Mail are renewed

Microsoft has presented part of the applications that will come pre-installed with Windows 11, including the renewal of the tools most used on the computer.

We are talking about programs that have always been there, and that have been able to save us on more than one occasion; or we may use them daily and they are essential despite how simple they are. Like the calculator, for example.

Indeed, the Calculator app will be different in Windows 11 , and if you’re wondering how it could have improved, it turns out that Microsoft has found how. For starters, the entire program is now written in another programming language, C #, and Microsoft has released the source code for anyone to contribute or copy.

The most obvious novelty will be in the new visual themes, which will allow us to differentiate it from the rest of Windows. It will also be more complete and capable, with a new mode for programmers with functions designed for programming and engineering; but if we want, we can opt for a standard mode only with the most basic operations.

The graphical mode will allow us to display equations and thus visually check at which points they intersect. And for the day to day, the new conversion of units and currencies can be very useful.

There is a bit of a mess with the Snipping app, since in Windows 10 we can use two different ones; with Windows 11, both will be replaced by a new tool, which will bring together the best of the two, with functionalities such as shortcut WIN + SHIFT + S, which will allow us to take a screenshot, either of the entire screen or of a specific area, in addition to a new interface compatible with Windows dark mode 11.

Once we have done the capture, we will have several tools at our disposal to do annotations, draw, or further crop the image until it shows only what we want. The interface will change to look more like the classic Snipping Tool , but with a coat of paint to suit Windows themes 11; and like Calculator, we can make it use a different theme.

The most productive pre-installed apps, Mail and Calendar, will receive a complete renewal, starting with a new visual style that will fit better with the rest of the operating system. They will be able to adapt to the theme we are using and will use transparencies, so the experience should be more pleasant.


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