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This is how corrupt Hungarian officials are brought down

In the investigation, the inspected person’s freedom of decision must not be infringed, neither mental nor physical influence can be used to force him to accept the offered amount or other illegal advantage, or to break his duty – the NVSZ emphasized on its Facebook page.

Reliability testing is used in many countries. In order to share experiences and learn good practices, NVSZ organized an international conference, in which leading employees of the partner services of Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania and Serbia took part – they wrote.

“Professional fine-tuning, important from the point of view of operational activity, also surfaced, which highlighted the fact that although the legal frameworks are similar in each country, the practice of implementation is adjusted to the social system,” they write.

According to the website of the NVSZ, reliability tests can be carried out at the following state bodies:

  • National Penitentiary Command,
  • police,
  • BM National Directorate General of Disaster Management,
  • National Directorate General of Immigration,
  • Counter Terrorism Center,
  • National University of Public Service,
  • Parliamentary Guard,
  • National Directorate General of Water Affairs,
  • National Expert and Research Center,
  • National Health Insurance Fund Manager,
  • National Center for Public Health
  • Ministry of the Interior,
  • International Education Center,
  • National General Directorate of Hospitals,
  • Klebelsberg Center, government offices,
  • General Directorate of Social Opportunities.

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