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This is how Apple would put an end to the radiation scandal

Joel-Noel Barrot revealed that Apple will release a software update for French users in the coming days. All this was necessary because France announced the other day that Apple must stop selling the iPhone 12 model in France due to radiation levels above the acceptable threshold, writes the BBC.

According to Apple’s statement, the update it only affects users in France, as the country has special rules for electromagnetic radiation. The American giant denies the accusations: according to them, the radiation levels in all countries of the world meet the regulatory requirements, and there is no evidence that a small amount of electromagnetic exposure is harmful to the human body.

In his statement, Barrot also mentioned that the French ANFR authority will continue to test the devices after the update, and it will only be put back on the market if it meets expectations.

If this approach fails, Apple would have to recall all iPhone 12s sold in France.

The regulatory authority is investigating two radiation tests:

  • the first the phone in close contact with the person’s body measures, for example, when held in the hand or placed in a trouser pocket;
  • the second test performed at a slightly greater distancesimulating a phone in a coat pocket or bag.

According to the ANFR, the iPhone 12 passed the second test, but exceeded the level specified in the EU regulations in the first. The watchdog previously said it would check Apple stores and other distributors to make sure they no longer sell the model.

Cover image source: Shutterstock