I’m Dr. RockedBuzz. The feeling of worthlessness is something that we all have that makes our beloved. We are all born with inferiority complexes, feelings of worthlessness, lack of love and inadequacies. The important thing is how we can move on with them, how we get rid of these emotions and their control over us, how we overcome them. What causes the feeling of worthlessness in this article? What should we do to get rid of it? What are the types and methods of overcoming the feeling of worthlessness? I am telling these..

Things to Do If You are Feeling Worthless

There are two:

  • Feeling of physical worthlessness
  • Feeling of emotional worthlessness

Feeling of physical worthlessness:

Dysmorphobia – Fear of mirrors

What do you feel when you look in the mirror? (Lacan)


Don’t look in the mirror all the time
Extreme makeup
constantly comparing yourself to others
constantly talking about your appearance
constant dietary cravings
don’t complain about your height
the desire to constantly care during the day
Avoid socializing
Don’t be afraid to come together with unfamiliar communities

What part of your body do you dislike the most?

My selves.

What’s the solution? Same with emotional.

Emotional feeling of worthlessness:

Quasimodo syndrome – fault finding in oneself.

Victor Hugo – The Hunchback of Notre Damme 1831

The Notre Dame church that this famous novel mentions was badly damaged by the fire that broke out on April 15, 2019 (Today).”

Poor girl! He had beautiful teeth, he loved to laugh to show them. However, the one who loves to laugh leads to crying; Beautiful teeth ruin beautiful eyes.

Praying to God is useless where women are despised. (Actually, we can understand how a good-hearted person looks like a freak to someone who only cares about shining a light around them.)

When one knows how to look, one can see and recognize the spirit of a century and the face of a king even in a doorknob.

As the Turks say:God does not lose hope.”

Is it possession or sacrifice?

Sunlight is everyone’s property. Why do they give me the lonely night?

Alice Miller / The Drama of the Gifted Child

Defense mechanisms:

– Trying to deserve love

Don’t be worthy of parents, don’t make them happy.

– Passion for greatness

– False self

As you escape from your childhood feelings, you live an alien life. This leads to suicide.

– Excessive adaptation / socialization

Group therapy is the feeling of being constantly socialized, not being alone, being held up by someone. Unless you are sustained by yourself, you become dependent on people.

– drugging yourself

Unless you’re at peace with your childhood feelings, you always need a sedative.

There’s always a bitch in your head telling you what you’re doing wrong and how you should be. Look how he did it. How did he get rich? Look what a happy life she’s living. Now Instagram has increased this even more. No one lives a better life than you. Don’t let it take away the pleasure of living the right life, or the pleasure of living the right life.

Apollonian thought / Dionysian thought must be in balance.

How does it go? (Treatment)

– It won’t pass unless you can reach your feelings and express yourself freely.
– It does not pass without stopping comparing yourself. Everyone’s experience and existence in life is unique. Nobody’s perfect. Stop believing in movies.
– You have to make peace with your childhood feelings. (I don’t remember, there are suppressed feelings under the things you said. You have to face them and make peace with them. (I won’t make peace with Gorbi’s death.)
– You must break free from the prison of the walls you have built for yourself. You do not take anyone from the outside, but you are also imprisoned within those walls.
– The more you push, the bigger you play, you’re not even close to beating. You can’t cover up your own worthlessness with makeup. You can’t fill the void with sports. You need soul muscles, not abs.
You have to face your vulnerability. You have to admit your inadequacy and worthlessness. You have to go into the dark.


Once the sponge has absorbed what it will absorb, even if the sea passes over it, not even an extra drop of water can get into it.

First you have to beat yourself. You have to squeeze and extract your own juice. If you don’t accept your worthlessness and not be defeated, you cannot add anything new to yourself. You can’t learn to fight without being defeated.