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They returned home after securing the animals

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Three volunteers from a kennel near Kiev who died under mortar fire from Russian soldiers were killed on their way home. “They were in a civilian car – the story of a friend – the soldiers knew who they were shooting at”

I’m dead under the mortar shots of Russian soldiers as they drove through the streets of Bucha, town on the outskirts of Kiev, under siege for days. I’m Serhiy, Anastasia and Maxymthe three Ukrainian boys, volunteers of an association that deals with the protection of animals killed on the morning of March 4 by troops in Moscow who, according to witnesses, immediately fired at their car.

The association denounces their violent death UAnimals, movement peer the rights of the animals, which posted the photo of the three young people together with a fourth friend writing: “Eternal memory for the volunteers killed while helping the animal shelter”. While the Ukrainian independent newspaper told their story in detail Kyiv Independent who collected the testimony of the father of one of the victims, Valeriy Ustymenko, who saw the body of his son, Serhiy, 25, torn apart by the shots fired by the soldiers.

The three friends reached Serhiy’s home, in Bucha, aboard an SUV: they were returning from the municipal kennel where they had spent several hours trying to give food and above all affection to the dogs frightened by the constant bombing. Around noon on 4 March, Serhiy Ustymenko, 25, Maxym Kuzmenko, 28 and Anastasia Yalanska, 26, were approached by a military vehicle from which shots were fired that killed them practically on the spot.

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The Russians knew they were shooting civilians

Serhiy’s father, Valeriy, alarmed by the shots, went out to check what had happened, finding himself in front of the body of his now lifeless son and that of his two friends. He dragged the three bodies out and took them to the basement of the house where he is still three days later: because of the bombing, in fact, the corpses cannot be buried and friends and relatives cannot say goodbye to their cases. “The car was civilian – shouts angrily from Dmytro Zubkov, a friend of Maxym’s – he wore a hat with a pompom. Is it military clothing?”.