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They have him surrounded: Trump now faces legal troubles in three states, plus D.C.

They have him surrounded: Trump now faces legal troubles in three states, plus D.C.
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They have him surrounded: Trump now faces legal troubles in three states, plus D.C.

If you just count the number of cellphones seized over the past few months from Trump cronies, you would have to conclude he’s in deep doo-doo. Trump is known for eschewing emails and texts — and fuhgeddaboudit when it comes to putting his name on actual sheets of paper, unless they’re executive orders banning Muslims and ripping immigrant children from the arms of their mothers.

Trump is a phone guy, and his favorite thing to do as president was to get on the phone and swap gossip and plot with his close associates. One of them was My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, a frequent visitor to the Trump White House and a longtime supporter. Lindell’s cellphone was seized by the FBI on Wednesday. Lindell appeared at Trump’s Jan. 6, 2021, rally on the Ellipse and has been used regularly this year to warm up crowds at Trump rallies in Illinois, Florida, Arizona and other states. Lindell’s phone was taken as part of a DOJ probe into the theft of voting data and voting machines in several states, including Michigan, Georgia and Colorado. Lindell published private voter data stolen from a voting machine in Colorado on his website, Frank Speech.

Another cellphone seized by the FBI as part of its criminal investigation into Trump belonged to former law school professor John Eastman, the author of the infamous memo planning the submission of slates of fake electors to Congress from battleground states lost by Trump. The FBI also took possession of the cellphone of Scott Perry, the Republican congressman from Pennsylvania who introduced Jeffrey Clark to Trump. Clark was an acting assistant attorney general whom Trump considered appointing to the top post as part of his plan to overturn the election results in Georgia. Just this week, the FBI took the cellphones of Boris Epshteyn, a former White House aide who now serves as an in-house counsel coordinating the handling of Trump’s various legal woes, and Mike Roman, who was the Trump campaign’s director of Election Day operations and is now an aide to the former president. Both Epshteyn and Roman are suspected of being part of the scheme to name fake electors from states Trump lost in 2020.

The DOJ has also served subpoenas on what Politico called “a slew of false electors, including at least three state Republican Party chairs,” and the FBI searched the home of the aforementioned Jeffrey Clark.

All of this happened before this week, when 40 subpoenas were issued to a brand new slew of Trump associates as part of the DOJ’s investigation into attempts to overturn the election of 2020, and their connections to the assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Politico reported that the cellphones of two more people were also seized. “Every day feels like something else is piling on,” one former Trump official told Politico. Some people close to Trump told Politico that the total number of subpoenas issued by the DOJ may be higher, between 50 and 75. At least some of the subpoenas have been gone to people who have knowledge about Trump’s mishandling of classified documents he took from the White House and stored at Mar-a-Lago.

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