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They do not tolerate American military exercises near their border

The actions of warmongers led by the Americans crossed the line of tolerance

– said the news agency, threatening unspecified “attacks”.

Meanwhile, Sung Kim, the United States’ special envoy to North Korea, arrived in Seoul, and according to the announcement, he is discussing North Korea’s weapons development and nuclear tests with South Korean and Japanese officials.

According to a statement from the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sung also met with Minister Park Jin. At the meeting, they agreed on the prevention of illegal acquisition of funds in North Korea, with which Pyongyang tries to finance its missile tests. In the framework of this, the diplomats also addressed the issue of North Koreans who practically work as slaves abroad.

In addition, they called on China, which maintains good relations with North Korea, to put pressure on Pyongyang so that the communist state returns to the stalled nuclear negotiations.

Also on Thursday, regardless of the discussions, South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup stated: North Korea is now capable of carrying out another nuclear test “at any time”, so it is necessary to strengthen South Korea’s defense capabilities. During his speech in the parliament’s defense committee, the head of the ministry accused Pyongyang of using the South Korean-American military exercises as a mere pretext to carry out new weapons tests.

At the beginning of the week, South Korea, the United States, and Japan held a joint naval exercise near the island of Jeju on the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. Among others, the American aircraft carrier Nimitz took part in the two-day maneuver.

In March, North Korea conducted several missile tests. Pyongyang said it wanted to respond to the recently ended joint US-South Korean military exercise called Freedom Shield.

The communist regime sees such maneuvers as a major test of its occupation of its territory and promises “destructive” action in response.

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