During the MCU, a thought was going through my mind as I watched these films. Death isn’t really a problem. It can’t be if they want all of these players to show up in Infinity War.

In comics the idea of death really has no value since each new iteration of super heroes can be from different Earths, different dimensions, what if scenarios and so on.

In comics death is more of a pitstop than a final destination. This is just a general statement and is not really indicative of the entire medium.


They did try to change that with the MCU towards Infinity War. Even with the Infinity Stones, it is stated that if someone has truly died, then they can’t come back.

In a deleted scene during End Game, Hulk has a conversation with the Ancient One about the consequences of removing the time stones from other timelines. In that scene there was some extra dialogue where she explained that if someone dies in one timeline, they were meant to die in all timelines.

Since Thanos willed half the universe out of existence, they could be willed back, but those who died were always meant to die. That has created an interesting set of questions, and while it is a deleted scene, I think we can talk about what that means if Death is Permanent in the MCU.

We can also look at what an afterlife might look like. We can look at other comic book adaptations of the afterlife and talk about what happens to Tony Stark after his death.

Death like everything

is inevitable however in our escapist

fantasy stories death is more or less an

inconvenience rather than inevitable

during the run of the marvel cinematic

universe i couldn’t help but think that

death wasn’t really gonna be a

consequence for the main characters

they all had to be a part of infinity

war right so they’ll be fine

until then however in 2019 there was a

deleted scene from avengers end game

where the ancient one explains to the

hulk that death

true death is permanent and that if

someone dies they are meant to die in

all realities

this gave us pause and got us to

thinking what could it mean for the mcu

if death is permanent

well we’ve got a whole bunch of thoughts

on that and we would like to share them

with you today

avengers end game was a game changer in

many ways

it was the end to a decade-long project

that spanned multiple different

storylines and all of it culminated into

the highest grossing

film of all time the two-part finale

itself was a web of intersecting

storylines with twists and turns and all

the other kinds of exciting aspects

you’d expect in a hollywood blockbuster

it also introduced a new spin on

mainstream time travel

rather than riffing on an established

time travel trope like back to the

future or bill and ted’s excellent

adventure end game offers up

a different theory as hulk explains

changing the past doesn’t change the


while this idea of a more rigid timeline

has been explored before

it’s never been brought to this large of

a stage to put it in hulk’s words

if you travel to the past that past

becomes your future

and your former present becomes the past

which can’t now be changed by your new


what ulk is getting at here is a

modified multiverse theory

if you travel back in time that time

you’re now in becomes your future

since you are now living in that time

additionally the present you left

becomes your past since you were in the

present but are not presently in the


so by that logic the things you do in

the past can’t affect your now past

present yeah i know it’s a little hard

to grasp but

bear with me because we are going to

discuss a few other concepts

now what does this all have to do with

death’s permanence in the mcu

well for that we have to look at a now

deleted scene from end game

during the time travel heist to new york

hulk runs into the ancient one

five years before doctor strange becomes

the keeper of the time stone

the two have themselves a chat and she

explains the flow of time

and how if the stones are taken out of

different timelines they’ll cause the

death of those timelines

unless they are put back the deleted

segment comes when the ancient one tells


that death is irreversible if somebody

dies they’re always meant to die

what this implies is that those who have

truly died either in battle or by being

sacrificed to make the soul stone

will have died in every reality and thus

can’t be brought back

even with the power of the infinity

stones the rest of the scene plays out

like normal with the ancient one

explaining that the infinity stones bind

the universe together and that by using

them and then putting them back

everything could return to normal well


those who were lost gamora black widow

and tony stark can’t be brought back

arguably ever gamora and black widow

were sacrificed in order to get the soul


their death is necessary for the soul

stone to be present

similarly when tony stark uses the

stones he can’t handle the immense power

they generate

and is obliterated while also willing

out thanos and his presence in the



now there are many reasons why scenes

are deleted from films

mostly it’s because of time but also

because it doesn’t quite fit

the portion of the scene from the

rooftop seemed too small to be deleted

it lasted less than 30 seconds after all

i think the scene was cut

because it contradicts other established

events within the mcu

it can be hard to keep track of all the

comings and goings in a massive

cinematic universe like this one but the

main event that stands out to me is the

ending of doctor strange

the ancient one says that death is

irreversible but if anyone seen doctor


you know that death is very much

reversible doctor strange traps doramamu

in an

endless loop where he kills strange only

to rewind to moments before and is

killed again

with the time stone strange essentially

made his own mini timeline where he and

dormammu would fight

and strange would die over and over

again now

tell me how does this scene exist if

death is supposed to be irreversible

another excellent example would be the

death of vision

during infinity war scarlet witch

destroys vision in a desperate attempt

to make sure thanos doesn’t get the mind


it appears to work but just like with

doctor strange thanos uses the time

stone to rewind the clock to just

moments before the mine stone was

destroyed and take it from the still

alive vision

killing him all over again again we

visit the continuing flow of time

the infinity stones bind the universe

and keep the flow of time more or less


skewing only when something like an

infinity stone is removed

we can deduce that doctor strange

visited dormammu in his dimension

a dimension that could exist outside of

the established time stream

if doctor strange were to die but then

reset after he could be kind of gaming

the system so to speak

if he dies in dormammu’s realm and that

realm has a different set of rules than

his own

strange could just be looping and

repeating an otherwise irreversible

event like his death until his murderer


stopped that was part of their bargain

after all

if we go with this model then the

ancient one’s statement on death’s

permanence can still be true

after all had strange been killed by

dormammu permanently there would be no

way to bring him back

i think we have to look at the ancient

one’s words with a less literal lens

i think what she means is that if

someone dies in their timeline

it can’t be reversed since they would

always have died in their other

timelines or universes

in both the thanos and doctor strange

example time was merely pulled back to

before the time of death

had time continued to flow vision and

strange would remain dead and nothing

could be done to bring them back

we have to remember that the time stone

is not like a time machine

it only affects the flow of time that

may sound semantic to some of you and to

a degree it is

to put it simply the time stone merely

rewinds time to a point and then

continues forward on its intended

path if we were to use this

interpretation it does imply a

predetermined path without any


why was thanos defeated well because he

was always meant to be defeated

why did dormammu take strange’s bargain

because he was always meant to take it

this also brings up a few other points

about the flow of time and the

permanence of death

if death really is irreversible as it

kind of should be if we’re being honest

what does that say about an afterlife in

a world filled with space magic and

literally reality warping enigmas

surely in heaven or some kind of

afterlife is real

right well let’s talk about it

without cracking open the theology

textbooks can we envision an

afterlife for the mcu well technically

we can since it is a fictional world and

really anything is possible

wishful thinking aside where did

everybody go when they got snapped

they were willed out of existence which

means they weren’t killed off

being made into dust and floating off in

the wind isn’t exactly the same as dying

although the existential dread sure is

there though the best we can theorize is

the people thanos snapped were put in

some kind of soul world outside of space

and time

not dead but just kind of pushed out of

the universe like they were clipped out

of bounds

we lost a lot of characters along the

way before enduring end game but we will

focus on the characters we lost during

infinity war

for vision we might be seeing something

of an afterlife for the sentient


recently disney released a trailer for

one division the first in a new line of

marvel studio tv shows

while wanda may have been brought back

after thanos snap was

undone vision was not and remains dead

after end game

how will they handle vision’s character

in wanda’s recovery from the trailer it

looks like it’ll be a real trip

indeed vision’s a powerful synthetic

being and wanda’s powers can bend

reality to an extent

one division might be a good look into

how the mcu portrays an afterlife

if one can exist for an ai gamora and

black widow are more cut and dry cases

they needed to die in order to make the

soul stones though

make isn’t really the correct term since

the infinity stones existed when the

universe was created

still the soul stone requires a living

sacrifice in order to be brought forth

as red skull explains it has a kind of

wisdom to it

black widow is sacrificed in much the

same way but a second stone is not made

because of it

it might be cool to think you can make

more than one infinity stone but there

can only be one

finally that leaves tony stark he was

destroyed by using the stones to get

thanos out of existence

he does dusted thanos and his forces

just like he did with half the universe

this means that if someone were bold

enough and crazy enough to try and

gather the stones again thanos could

come back too

this isn’t dragon ball z where

everyone’s fighting over the infinity


plus they are way harder to get than

dragon balls while tony might think

himself larger than life he is still

just a human

it is safe to say that we will not see

tony stark in the mcu again

mostly because robert downey jr left

marvel after end game

but because they couldn’t use the stones

after tony’s snap

the remaining avengers had to put the

stones back in the timelines they came

from to close everything up

and return things back to normal

relatively speaking contractual

obligations aside it is clear that there

is more to the mcu

than the films if shows like one

division gets proper attention

i think that despite the reality warping

infinity stones space magic and whatnot

death is still the end of a long journey

as the kids say

life is short but also terribly and

insufferably long

who’s with me

and that is our discussion on death in

the mcu

and just how permanent it can be do you

agree with our assessment

let us know in the comments down below

we’d love to hear your thoughts and

theories as well

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