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They are ringing the alarm bell because of the gas heating

If there is a severe drought in the summer, the water level of the rivers will drop, which will affect the productivity of both hydroelectric and nuclear power plants. Although this does not have a direct consequence on the winter gas supply,

but that’s enough if we have to tap into the gas reserve already in the summer in order to maintain the continuity of the electricity supply

– quotes the specialist Euronews.

Many experts warn that the energy crisis is not yet off the agenda.

Professor Thierry Bros of Sciences Po in Paris emphasized that to solve such a crisis, it is necessary to invest in surplus production, and this has not happened so far. What the European Commission has done is simply that it has decided to help: it supports the population so that it is easier for people to pay the increased bills. But no new project was started in this matter.

In parallel with the drastic reduction in the amount of gas coming from Russia, the EU leadership procures the missing item from elsewhere. This was clearly a favorable turn for the United States, from which much more liquefied gas than before has been arriving in Europe since then. And this has to be stored somewhere, so liquefied gas reservoirs are being built at breakneck speed, in Germany, for example, three were handed over in January alone.

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