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They are preparing for an important decision, which Central European farmers can be happy about

The Polish Minister of Agriculture announced that the European Commission has prepared the draft regulation that extends the ban on the import of certain Ukrainian foods until September 15. The draft is expected to enter into force soon.

Reuters reminds that the European Union previously limited the import of Ukrainian wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds to East Central Europe until June 5. to alleviate the loss of income for Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak farmers.

These countries argued that cheaper Ukrainian grain would make domestic production unprofitable and asked for the ban to be extended.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it saw no chance of extending the Black Sea grain agreement, which expires in mid-July.

As we reported in our previous articles, the agreement of global importance was extended for two months by the parties in the middle of May, at the cost of great difficultieshowever, the disputes have renewed again: on Friday, we also wrote that Kiev announced that Moscow had violated the agreement by obstructing the registration of ships, while Russia expressed its displeasure in connection with the transport of ammonia.

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