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“They are lying to you.” Arrested and interrogated

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He broke into the study of the news of Channel 1, the most important television broadcaster in Russia. Live she displayed a sign that reads: «No to war. Don’t believe the propaganda. Here they are lying to you ». Marina Ovsyannikova, a Channel 1 journalist, chose the TV cameras for one of the most blatant protests seen in these days of war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the news anchor continues to read the news, but after a few moments the images cut off and the spectators are unable to see how the studio invasion ends. The video was saved and shared on social networks, where it went viral.

Russia, journalist raids the news studio

According to international media reports, Marina Ovsyannikova was arrested and interrogated. The journalist, shortly before the raid live, had published a video in which she explained her position: «What is happening now in Ukraine is a crime and Russia is the aggressor country. The responsibility for this aggression falls on a man’s conscience, and that man is Vladimir Putin. My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian. They have never been enemies. This necklace around the neck is a symbol that Russia must stop this fratricidal war immediately and our fraternal nations can still make peace. “

Ovsyannikova continues: “Unfortunately, for the past few years I have been working for Channel 1, doing propaganda for the Kremlin. Now I’m very ashamed of it. I’m ashamed that I let the lies pour out of the television. I am ashamed that I let the Russian people be zombified. We remained silent in 2014, when it all began. We didn’t go to the protests when the Kremlin poisoned Navalny. We have simply observed this anti-human regime in silence. Now the whole world has turned its back on us and another ten generations of our descendants will not be able to wash away the shame of this fratricidal war ». And she concludes: «Only we, thinking Russians, can stop all this madness. Go out and protest, don’t be afraid of anything. They can’t put us all in jail. ‘

Last updated: Tuesday 15 March 2022, 00:24