These are the songs that have been heard the most this 2021 on Amazon Prime Music

These are the songs that have been heard the most this 2021 on Amazon Prime Music

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These are the songs that are most popular have listened to this 2021 on Amazon Prime Music

These are the songs that have been heard the most this 2021 at Amazon Prime Music We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. These are the songs that have been heard the most this 2021 in Amazon Prime Music Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

These are the songs that have been heard the most this 2021 on Amazon Prime Music

Life without music would be a mistake “is one of the best-known famous phrases of the German philosopher Nietzsche and we could not agree more. Because music has that magical something that comforts us and accompanies us in any emotion we feel, from the deepest sadness due to a lack of love up to our nights of madness dancing until dawn .

It does not matter if we listen to it on the radio, on a CD player, a turntable or streaming: music always reaches everywhere. And today we wanted to focus on Amazon Music , a streaming service that was born in 2007 and little by little it has grown to become on the third most listened to streaming platform in the world , counting in 2020 more than 55 million paying subscribers .

The difference? That is included in the Amazon Prime subscription , so in addition to all The advantages that this includes (video content by Prime Video, free shipping the next day on many products, etc.) we can also enjoy this streaming service.

On the platform they have more than two million songs without any advertising (which can be expanded to about 50 million songs if we subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited ), a plus for those of us who hate when ads cut us off. Including a mode offline where we can download discs, playlists and songs to listen to them offline .

We can also test it during 30 days free of charge , a plus to see if it adapts well to our needs, which is great for us at Christmas. After this trial period it will cost 3, 99 euros per month or 36 euros per year .

Amazon Prime Subscription (includes Prime Video and Prime Music)

Well, we wanted to see today which are the songs most listened to on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Music this 2021 . A year still marked by the uncertainty of the coronavirus but with the hope of returning to the long-awaited “normality”:

Life of Rico de Camilo

The most requested song from Alexa this 2021 was Vida de Rico , by Camilo. A song in which he talks about how little by little his dreams have been fulfilled with his wife Eva Luna and in whose video clip they show us their new home and their life together. Who has not sung the famous ” I don’t have to give you a penny but I can give you a thousand kisses “…

Todo De Ti by Rauw Alejandro

Undoubtedly one of the songs that has hit him the most this year in all aspects is Todo de Ti. A song that has had its own trend on TikTok and that has neither stopped nor looks like it will stop playing this 2022.

Pepas de Farruko

One of the songs of this summer par excellence that continues to be played in any story on Instagram when someone goes out for a drink with their friends is Pepas, an energetic song with very good vibes, a real shot of joy .

Mon Amour (Remix) by zzoilo and Aitana

That everything Aitana plays turns into gold is something that by now we already have it more than clear and although Mon Amour was already a success before the remix, The combination of both artists made Mon Amour take off to the top of all the charts .

Couple Of The Year by Sebastián Yatra and Myke Towers

The unexpected and brutal combination of Sebastián Yatra and Myke Towers in Couple of the Year has been a real hit, with a fusion of pop and reggaeton which was (and still is) very well received by the public.

La Niña de la Escuela by Lola Indigo, TINI and Belinda

Lola Indigo continues her unstoppable rise with increasingly stronger collaborations , as happened in the Niña de la Escuela with TINI and Belinda, two artists who beat him in Latin America. With a song that even had a trend on Tik Tok.

You Stopped Me Loving by C. Tangana, Niño de Elche and La Húngara

El Madrileño is one of the revelation albums of this year, a risky bet by C Tangana who could not have been more successful. With very well chosen collaborations that have resulted in unique songs like You stopped me from Want, a song that Tangana himself defined as ” one of the most important of my career “.

Flamenco and Bachata by Davilies de Novelda

The sometimes called “bachatón”, which mixes flamenco and bachata, was a real success in our country thanks to Daviles de Novelda. An artist who knows how to convey love and good vibes in his songs.

Fiel de Los Legendarios, Wisin & Jhay Cortez

Both the original version and the remix of this song have been one of the most danced songs this year so they could not be missing from the list of the most requested to Alexa, of course.

Crazy about Justin Quiles, Chimbala and Zion and Lennox

And in the number 10 from the list we found another reggaeton song, Loco, which has made us dance and raised the spirits of many since it came out. And of which they recently released a remix.

Amazon Prime Subscription (includes Prime Video and Prime Music)

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