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there will be Ukraine, peace as a theme

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The 2022 edition ofEurovision Song Contest it does not intend to ignore the current international situation: it will focus on the theme of peace and will see the participation of Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia was excluded, bringing the number of delegations expected in Turin for the event, scheduled at Pala Alpitour from 10 to 14 May, down from 41 initially planned to the current 40. The announcement today at a press conference in the Piedmontese capital, where the executive producers of the event, Simona Martorelli and Claudio Fasulo, illustrated the program of preparatory work with the director of the Rai production center in Turin, Guido Rossi.

The preparation

In fact, the construction site gets underway tomorrow, with the start of the setting up of the building and the construction of two large structures connected to each other by a 50-meter bridge in which the press room and delegations will be housed. The preparation of the event will involve a total of 3,500 people. «The Ukrainian delegation – underlined Martorelli – has confirmed its presence and has so far met all deadlines incredibly. It is also gearing up to try to create the back-up video of the performance, which is asked of all delegations in case of problems that prevent the presence of guests in Turin ». «We want to bring to the demonstration – remarked Fasulo – important contents, which speak of peace and are suitable for this delicate moment. The themes of peace will therefore be at the center of this edition of Eurovision, we are working on it with the three presenters – Laura Pausini, Alessandro Cattelan and Mika – who fill us with pride ».


Rossi explained that Rai will begin work tomorrow on the scenography, and that everything must be ready by mid-April, in view of the start of rehearsals at the end of the month. The number and price of tickets will be defined shortly and sales will be open, respecting the constraint of the current legal capacity, set at 60%. Tickets for the rehearsal will also be on sale, in order to extend the audience of live users of the event. Also tomorrow, it was announced, the organizers will meet with the 40 heads of delegation. It will take place in remote interactive mode, with a link from Bepi Cucciari’s studio. All practical information relating to reception and transport will be provided at that time. Last year’s final attracted 190 million spectators: for this edition, Rai has chosen to bring the whole event to Rai1, including the semi-finals, “as evidence of the trust it places in the event”.

Last updated: Monday 14 March 2022, 21:29