Sensor Tower announced the mobile application research results for the month of October. Statements made by the platform reveal which apps are downloaded the most by the smartphone users around the world in October. When we look at the data announced, it reveals that the interest in TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms of recent years, is increasing day by day, although it is frequently discussed.

Announcing the number of downloads of mobile applications regularly, Sensor Tower announced the results of October. According to the statements made, Google Play Store and App Store users worldwide downloaded TikTok the most in October. It was followed by WhatsApp and Facebook.

Most Downloaded Mobile Applications

Sensor Tower’s research only covers data from Google Play Store and App Store. In addition, mobile games on the market are not included in Sensor Tower’s research. However, it should be said that even these data are very consistent. So, which mobile apps did users around the world show interest in in October?

Here are the most downloaded mobile apps in October

Most Downloaded Mobile Applications

October data from the App Store and Google Play Store shows that users download TikTok the most. Consequently, the most downloaded mobile application of October is TikTok. This application was followed by Zoom on iOS platform and WhatsApp on Android platform. The reason why WhatsApp is downloaded so much in the Android ecosystem is due to the surplus of new Android phones on the market.

When we look at the data shared by Sensor Tower, we see that users are generally interested in social networking and messaging applications. In this context, the popularity of the Widgetsmith application in the App Store is an indication that the widgets that come with iOS 14 are trying to be customized by users. Meanwhile, Snapchat, one of the ancestors of social media, seems to be reborn from its ashes recently.

Sensor Tower also announced the number of downloads of the most popular apps in October. Accordingly, TikTok was downloaded a total of around 66 million in October. This number of downloads means an increase of 9.5 percent compared to the same period last year. WhatsApp was downloaded 57 million times worldwide in October. India provided 30 percent of this number of downloads.