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The week starts with a cautious rise on the Hungarian stock market

In the first part of morning trading, the Hungarian stock market rises, the BUX is up 0.3 percent, so the value of the index currently stands at 48,000 points. The BUX index is currently above its 20-, 50-, and 200-day moving averages, so a clear rising trend can be observed in the case of the domestic stock index in the most important time periods.

Evolution of the value of BUX

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The mood is good on the Hungarian stock market, with the exception of Richter, blue chips are rising.

Today’s exchange rate change for domestic blue chips

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At today’s opening, the mood on the midcaps market is mixed, Appeninn and Alteo perform best among mid-cap stocks, while Zwack and Masterplast start the day the weakest.

Today’s exchange rate change of domestic midcaps

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On the Hungarian stock exchange, the following stocks performed best and weakest this morning.

The 5 best and worst performing stocks on the BSE today

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Today, OTP and Mol are among the five most traded papers on the Hungarian stock exchange, but Magyar Telekom also made it to the list this morning.

The 5 stocks with the largest turnover today on the BSE (million forints)

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Cover image source: Gábor Szabó / Gabriel Szabo