Will the wines of Haute-Loire one day have a presence in wine merchants? It is premature to say so for the time being. But it is a challenge that a new generation of winegrowers decided to take up in the department, near Saint-Privat-du-Dragon and Rosières where Vincent Vidil has just planted 6000 m2 of vines.

Gamaret, a Swiss red grape variety, and Poulsard, a red grape variety from Jura. “Poulsard is my favorite grape variety. He likes clayey, deep, cold soils. It should be earned because it is painful to cultivate ”, tells with passion the young winegrower of 27 years who dream from a very young age to revive the culture of the vine in Haute-Loire, where she had disappeared following the world wars. “It’s a project that I already wanted when I was 18 years old and that I carry out without pressure. »

If he was able to see the light of day, it is because Vincent Vidil obtained a planting authorization from France AgriMer. “It’s a project that took time because the Haute-Loire is not recognized as a wine-growing area,” explains Vincent Vidil. In Rosières, his first plot overlooks the village magnificently and the vines have already grown well. Vincent Vidil, who has already acquired 1 hectare, plans to double this area to re-establish grape varieties that have disappeared in France, such as sauvignonasse.

“Les conditions for growing vines here are top! The setting sun helps to accumulate heat. »See you in 2023 for the first harvests of this new wine from Haute-Loire.