The US anticipates problems in the supply chain due to the expansion of the delta variant in the country

The United States has acknowledged that it anticipates problems in the supply chain due to the expansion of the delta variant in the country, although it trusts that its stimulus plans will be sufficient to compensate that effect.

“To date we have not seen a direct impact of (the variant) delta on the (US) economy, but we do anticipate impacts on the supply chain”, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki assured in her daily press conference on Friday.

The spokeswoman recalled that the expansion of the delta variant in countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam has already ” impacted the “global supply chain, something that” of course affects some industries in the United States, such as the automobile industry, where problems that existed before have “accelerated”.

Asked if this problem could cause the Government of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to consider new economic measures, Psaki said that he trusts that l The rescue packages approved to date are sufficient: “In designing our economic recovery plans, one of the goals was to plan for the potential for ups and downs, because we knew that any recovery would include them.”

The dilemma of compulsory vaccination in residences The spokeswoman also confirmed that there are “early talks” in the White House on the possibility of taking measures to ensure that the staff of nursing homes in the country are vaccinated against covid – 19. Specifically, the Biden administration is planning to threaten restrictions on the disbursement of federal funds, including those of the Medicare subsidized health insurance program for the elderly, with the aim of persuading nursing homes to force their employees to get vaccinated.

Psaki stressed that no specific decision has yet been made and that “many options” are being debated that may not be implemented.

The spokeswoman ruled out However, a similar plan is being considered to force the personnel of tourist cruises or universities in the country to be vaccinated, as reported this Thursday by the newspaper The Washington Post.

Since last week, the Biden Government already requires its more than 4 million workers to show proof of vaccination against covid – 19 if they do not want to undergo tests on a regular basis, a measure that is also being taken by more and more companies in .

However, the White House has for now ruled out the possibility of imposing a national mandate to require all Americans to be vaccinated against covid- 19, a move that it is not clear that Biden has the legal authority to unilaterally adopt.


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