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The United States would offset the influence of China and Russia with a defense contract lasting several years

The purpose of the agreement covering cooperation between both the armed forces and the military industry of the two countries is, on the one hand, to create crisis-resistant supply chains, on the other hand, to counterbalance China’s dominance in Asia, and, on the third hand, they want to loosen the dependence of the Indian army on Russian weapons.

Lloyd Austin american and Raj Nath Singh During their meeting, the Indian Minister of Defense agreed on the joint development of new technologies and the exploration of existing and new opportunities in existing systems, but they also discussed regional security issues, space technology, cyberspace and artificial intelligence.

Defense industrial cooperation also requires constant cooperation and contact in intelligence and reconnaissance.

The aim of this initiative is to establish closer cooperation between the US and Indian defense sectors through modern technologies, as well as to support India’s defense modernization plans.

says the announcement.

We perceive continuous provocation and coercion from the People’s Republic of China and Russia, which is waging war against Ukraine, and we believe that their goal is to forcefully redraw the country’s borders. Not only do they threaten the sovereignty of nations, but also action against global problems such as terrorism or climate change

Austin told reporters. He added:

it follows from all this that democracies must unite; not only based on our common interests, but also on the basis of the values ​​we all represent.

He will visit a week after the New Delhi agreement was reached Narendra Modi Indian Prime Minister to Washington.

India is the world’s largest arms importer, acquiring almost half of its weapons stockpile from Russia. However, in recent years, New Delhi has tried to diversify its arms imports, so now, in addition to the United States, France and Israel are among its defense trade partners.

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