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The Ukrainian soldiers are hooked: the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is simply lying

Earlier, Hanna Maljar officially announced that Andrijivka was liberated from Russian occupation by Ukrainian forces. The settlement is located south of Bahmut and would have been the first tangible success of the eastern offensive.

Now it’s official! The statement about the capture of Andrijivka is false and hasty. Serious and serious fighting is currently taking place in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKlischijivka and Andrijivka

– reads the short message published on the official Telegram channel of the 3rd Assault Brigade fighting for Andrijivka.

Such statements are harmful, endanger the lives of personnel and hinder the execution of combat tasks

– they added, referring to the fact that in his statements the Deputy Minister of Defense often criticized the soldiers and other sources who shared the videos and recordings, that hastily published information about the fighting endangers the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

Hanna Maljar later amended her Telegram post and claimed that the two units’ different reports had caused an information confusion, which led the Ministry of Defense to believe that their troops had captured the settlement.

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image source: Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine//Cover Images/Reuters via Portfolio