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The thirteenth pension. When will they be paid?

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The “Thirteenth Pension” is an additional allowance for retirees of old age and disability, regardless of their financial situation. In 2022, all “Thirteen” will amount to exactly 1,338.44 PLN gross, or PLN 1,217.98 per hand. It is equal to the lowest pension applicable from 1 March. The benefit will therefore be PLN 87.56 higher than in the previous year.

The thirteenth retirement. How much will it be?

“We respect our obligations to Poles regardless of the circumstances. We do not give up on the activities and programs we have declared we implement. The thirteenth pension is an annual benefit from 2020, guaranteed by law – Polish retirees and pensioners can be absolutely confident in the his payment “- the head of the ministry assured the families, in an interview with PAP.

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The first seniors received “thirteen” on Friday 1 April and the next payments will take place on 5, 8 and 15 April. It means the fact that the additional funds will appear in the account before Easter. Minister Maląg announced that by 10 April nearly 3.5 million pensioners will receive over PLN 4.6 billion as part of the “thirteenth old-age pension”.

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The thirteenth retirement. When will the benefits be paid?

“The second round of payments, which falls on April 5, is another close to PLN 2 billion for 1.47 million people. In turn, before the next tranche falls on Sunday April 10, the 13th installment will go to over one million pensioners in the amount of PLN 1., 44 billion zlotys “- announced Minister Maląg for PAP.

In 2020, the “thirteenth pension” is expected for a total of 9.7 million retirees of old age and disability for an amount of 13.1 billion PLN. All those who were entitled to an old-age pension, disability pension or other long-term benefit paid by the social security institution by the end of March are entitled to the benefits.