The Tender Bar arrives today in streaming: what it's about – RB

The Tender Bar arrives today in streaming: what it’s about – RB

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The Tender Bar arrives today in streaming: what it’s about – RB

The Tender Bar arrives today in streaming: what it’s about – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The Tender Bar arrives today in streaming: what it’s about – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The Tender Bar arrives today in streaming: what it’s about – RB


The drama directed by George Clooney is out today on Amazon Prime Video. Also starring in the cast is Ben Affleck, Golden Globe nominated 2022 for Best Supporting Actor

The emotions of the great cinema, but at home. Out today, Friday 7 January 2022, only on Amazon Prime Video the drama film The Tender Bar , directed by George Clooney . The film, which lasts 104 minutes, is taken from the autobiographical novel of 2005 The bar of great hopes by US journalist JR Moehringer.

The making of the film was initially in the hands of Sony Pictures and Chernin Entertainment. In July 2020, when the director and screenwriter Theodore Melfi renounced the project, the rights passed to Amazon Studios . Filming lasted a few months and ended in April 2021. After being presented at the BFI London Film Festival in October of the same year, the film was only released in US theaters in December and has now finally arrived on the streaming platform Prime Video . Clooney has directed an exceptional cast, which includes Tye Sheridan and Ben Affleck, nominee for the Golden Globe 2022 for Best Supporting Actor.

The plot of the film The Tender Bar

The film tells the story of JR, played by Tye Sheridan , a boy who suffers from the absence of the father he has never known, or a DJ who works in New York. The young man grows up with his uncle Charlie ( Ben Affleck ), who runs a bar.

In this place, frequented by particular and bizarre characters, JR finds a second home and is constantly looking for a substitute for the father figure absent. Meanwhile, the boy tries to make his dreams come true, including that of becoming a writer, supported by his mother ( Lily Rabe ) who is determined to give her child opportunities that she herself never had.

The plot begins in 1972 , when JR is only 9, and continues until the now-grown protagonist has landed a scholarship to Yale, his dream job and a fulfilling relationship. None of this, however, seems to really satisfy him: so JR returns to his childhood bar.

The cast: who stars in The Tender Bar

The stars of the film are the aforementioned Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan, with Lily Rabe. Also part of the cast are Christopher Lloyd , Max Martini, Rhenzy Feliz, Briana Middleton, Max Casella, Sondra James, Michael Braun and Daniel Ranieri.

Producers are George Clooney, Grant Heslov and Ted Hope, while executive producers are Barbara A. Hall and JR Moehringer. The direction of photography is entrusted to Martin Ruhe.

When and where to see The Tender Bar

The film The Tender Bar is available from today on Prime Video and, therefore, from now on is visible to all subscribers to the platform.

On the platform you can choose between the original versions, subtitled and dubbed in Italian .

Become a Prime customer now and watch The Tender bar on Amazon Prime Video

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