The technical and scientific police launches a recruitment campaign

Notice to fans of detective series and novels. The technical and scientific police (PTS) is opening a new recruitment campaign for the several dozen PTS positions available. Launched this Monday, registrations must end on 10 September.

On 94 vacancies, 55 of them are open to external candidates. If the competition is decentralized (the position obtained depends on the region in which you are applying), the number of positions to be provided and the specialties vary according to the regions.

A two-stage competition The competition is open to all adults in good physical capacity and with a clean criminal record. The only addition compared to the previous competitions: to hold a baccalaureate with the tests in mathematics, physics-chemistry and SVT (earth sciences and life).

In addition to two tests relating to the analytical capacities of the candidates (general and scientific), the latter will also have to pass psychotechnical tests in order to assess “the compatibility of their psychological profile with the missions of the technical and scientific police”, according to the website of the Polie Nationale, “Becoming a Policeman”. Those eligible will then take an interview of 10 and an optional 15-minute language test. The jury will have as “decision aid the results of the psychotechnical tests passed by the candidate interpreted by a psychologist”, whose presence is compulsory during the interview, specifies the recruitment platform.

Recruitment, one of the solutions to the concerns of the PTS If we generally retain the white coats crisscrossing crime scenes, the positions offered cover a wide range of specializations. Among others, jobs within digital crime, which is booming with the rise in cyber attacks .

The competition must including helping to deal with complaints about understaffing. Over the past ten years or so, the workload has increased, without the number of analysts following suit. “With scientific progress, we have moved from a culture of confession to a culture of proof”, underlined Xavier Depecker, national secretary in charge of scientific personnel of the national police at the PTS union, at the time of a strike movement in 2020 . “With 2. 500 agents, or 2% of the police force, the PTS makes it possible to resolve 30 % investigations “. The PTS therefore seems to finally benefit from the increase in the budget allocated to security for several years, which until then had focused above all on increasing the number of law enforcement personnel.

The recruitment must also compensate for the lack of specialists. The scarcity of certain key disciplines can make analysis times longer, slowing the progress of investigations. According to AFP, there are only a dozen morphoanalysts (analysis of blood projections) in France at present. This is evidenced by the gradual attribution of DNA analyzes by judges to private laboratories. “In an emergency, they make this choice, because a private laboratory can process the request faster than the PTS, in charge of analyzes as numerous as they are varied”, reports Jessica Gadaleta to AFP, senior technician of the PTS .

AFP source