From Google new solutions to change the life of the disabled

The smartphone camera becomes a third eye with Lookout, the new application developed by Google to offer a vocal description of the environment and surrounding objects thanks to artificial intelligence models. The app, designed to help people with visual disabilities, could become a technology capable of changing everyone’s life, as well as the other new accessibility solutions coming to Italy, presented by the Mountain View giant during an event online

What kind of device is the camera on a smartphone?

Nearly all camera phones use CMOS active-pixel image sensors (CMOS sensors), due to largely reduced power consumption compared to charge-coupled device (CCD) type cameras, which are also used, but in few camera phones.

Rob Spence, A.K.A Eyeborg, talks about his high-tech eye

Each of the camera-bearing fake eyes comprises a two-part prosthetic shell that seals together, along with a circuit board, rechargeable battery, video camera and a wireless transmitter.

The Lookout app aims to improve the autonomy of the visually impaired in everyday activities: it allows for example to distinguish the ingredients for a recipe, the products in a supermarket, the banknotes for a payment or the content of a written text. To improve accessibility to the virtual world, the new image description function was created on Chrome, which helps those who use a screen reader to recognize online images without descriptive labels or alternative text.

This feature is in turn based on artificial intelligence and can be activated from the Accessibility section of the Chrome settings. For people with cognitive disabilities, also linked to aging, Action Blocks has been developed: available in Italian on Android phones, it allows you to use the Google Assistant through a single digital button that can be activated with a touch. An icon with the photo of a family member can thus appear on the home screen of a family member to facilitate the call, another icon to activate your favorite video on YouTube or to turn the room light on or off.