If you define your clothing and lifestyle as “Smart ” and want to apply it in your beauty preferences, listen to our suggestions.

Here are tips that minimalist women can choose from hair to makeup, from tattoos to nail polish!

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Minimal makeup tips:

Wherever there is minimalism, we can say that a simple look, far from exaggeration, prevails. This goes for makeup too. The less product use means the more minimal makeup. Our suggestion for this will be to stay away from skin makeup. If you have unpleasant spots on your skin, mix them with a small amount of concealer and moisturizing cream and feed them into your skin. Thus, you can both preserve the natural appearance and get rid of your stains.

Mascaras are your great friend in minimal makeup. You will notice that you look great even if you do not use any makeup products other than mascara. Maybe you can add a very light amount of blush to your cheeks.


Are you one of those women who do not feel happy without wearing lipstick? We understand you very well! Then try to draw the emphasis only on the lips in a minimal make-up. For this, you can choose a metallic nude, coral orange or a burgundy lipstick, especially in winter.


Remember that one of the most beloved representatives of minimal style, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , is a true red lipstick addict. But Rosie applies red lipstick to her make-up so restrained that she supports her look without exaggeration.

Hairstyles to support the minimal style:

The biggest beauty look of minimal style in recent years is definitely lob and bob cut hair. Ear-level or over-the-shoulder blunt cut hair and the attached forehead / bang support bring a Parisian minimalism to your look.

On the other hand, you can also make your hair in a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Don’t forget to pull out random tufts of hair from the front and look effortless.


Shabby braids and buns are definitely among the savior hairstyles of minimal women. The only thing you need to be careful about is “not paying attention”! Sloppy and unworked hair constitute the main codes of this beauty look.


Nail art and manicure for minimal nails:

Let’s get to the nails! A well-groomed and clean nail appearance is the main principle of minimal women in manicure. You can apply french nail polish for this. The most trendy application of French nail polish in recent times will also support your minimal style. For this, you can apply different colors than white to the tip of your nails as a thin strip. Colors such as black, mustard color, burgundy that remind winter and autumn will be ideal for this.


If you want to get a little more eye-catching nails, you can use white nail polish and add a touch of glitter to a few nails of your choice. Blood red nail polish also makes your nails look well-groomed and balances your minimal style.


We would also like to remind you a little detail about the nails of women who adopt the minimal style. Make sure your nail length is not exaggerated. Your nails should not be too long, which you can shape as you wish, regardless of whether they are round or round.

Minimal tattoo suggestions:

If you look at tattoos and want to add a tattoo to your minimal style, our suggestions will of course be small-sized models. Especially the areas of the body such as hands, fingers, ankles, hips, in the ear or behind the ear, and the neck are the most ideal areas for minimal tattoo models.