The singular relationship of the two actors of “Harry Potter”, Emma Watson and Tom Felton

The singular relation of the two actors d & # 34 ; “Harry Potter”, Emma Watson and Tom Felton

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The singular relationship of the two actors of 039; “Harry Potter”, Emma Watson and Tom Felton

The singular relation of the two actors d & # 34 ; “Harry Potter”, Emma Watson and Tom Felton We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The singular relationship of the two actors of & # 039; “Harry Potter “, Emma Watson and Tom Felton Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The singular relation of the two actors of 039; “Harry Potter”, Emma Watson and Tom Felton

For the 20 years of the saga Harry Potter , Emma Watson has found many actors, including Tom Felton. Since their debut, the relationship between the actress and her former filming partner has delighted as much as it questions.

Harry Potter fans couldn’t ask for more. Emma Watson had posted on her Instagram account, the 18 December 2019, a photo in which she posed alongside other actors of the famous saga. Namely, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), Bonnie Wright (Ginnie Weasley) and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom). “Merry Christmas from us :)”, could we read in the caption of the post. Three years later, on January 1 2020, we were able to find the shooting for the special show celebrating years of the saga, entitled “Harry Potter back to Hogwarts” and broadcast in France on the Salto platform . On this occasion, Emma Watson saw her former partner on the screen, Tom Felton.

“A charming young woman”

The one who played the very devious character of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter had notably praised in the columns from Daily Mail , Monday 18 November 2019, the Emma Watson’s speech on celibacy . The actress had indeed declared “happy to be alone” , beginning of November 2019. “I call it being ‘self-partner’,” she added. A speech that had visibly seduced his ex-partner on the screen.

“I love that expression! he was enthusiastic. It’s the first time I’ve heard it, but it’s great. I’m in the same category to be honest, quite happy to be a self-partner. ” Asked about his relationship with Emma Watson, Tom Felton was full of praise for the actress of 30 years old: “She is an incredibly intelligent and charming young woman, so it’s always nice to meet her and remember a little about the past, but also to talk about the future” , he had confided.

The 31 also revealed, the 20 August 2019, an unprecedented snapshot on his Instagram account. In the said photograph, taken in South Africa, the young man could be seen giving a guitar lesson to his former playing partner, Emma Watson. Dressed in pajamas, the famous wizards seemed focused on the musical instrument. “She learns quickly”, could we read in the caption of the cliché. We expected no less from the studious Hermione Granger.

In video, “Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts”, the trailer

“I was terribly in love with Tom Felton”

If this shot had delighted many Internet users on Instagram, it had also raised some questions. And for good reason: this proximity does not date from yesterday. In the past, Emma Watson would indeed not have been insensitive to the charismatic Slytherin. “Between 10 and 12 years, I was terribly in love with Tom Felton , had she confided to the Mirror , in 2012. So much so that when I arrived on set in the morning, I looked at the numbers on the service sheets to see if he would be there. We love all bad boys. He was a little older and he had a skateboard, that was enough. ”

A crush on which the actress returned during this special show. She remembered a class she attended when she was younger, with Tom Felton. “We were asked to draw what we think God looked like,” she recalled. Tom had drawn a girl with a cap upside down, perched on a skateboard. That’s when I fell in love with him, ”she explained. “Tom was the person I could be vulnerable with,” she said, referring to the vagaries of stardom. The actress also clarified that nothing had ever happened between her and the actor. “We just love each other, that’s all I can say,” she concluded.

Good friends

If there was previously some ambiguity, the two actors are now friends and claim it on social networks. In April 2012, Tom Felton had posed alongside his “comrades of class ”of Harry Potter , Emma Waston and Matthew Lewis, as he specifies in the caption . The actress had, meanwhile, shared a snapshot with the British musician on the said social network in November 2012 by defining him, in the caption, as his “dear friend”.

Not to mention that the two actors would already have flirtations each on their own. The British actress has been in a relationship since 2019 with Leo Alexander Robinton, a Californian entrepreneur of 30 years. As for Tom Felton, he had been seen in the arms of a “mysterious blonde” in August 2018 , in Los Angeles, as reported by Daily Mail .

The romance between Emma Watson and Tom Felton would therefore be purely fictitious. The most disappointed fans will always be able to console themselves with the hashtag “Dramione” ( fusion of the names of the characters of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, Editor’s note ) which has been blooming for a long time on social networks.

This article originally published on 20 August 2019 a is being updated.