The Senate wants to condition the granting of the RSA to a level of heritage

It is a paving stone in the pond that the right-wing senatorial majority threw in July during the examination of the bill called “3DS” or “4D” on differentiation, decentralization , deconcentration and simplification of local public action. It introduced a provision aimed at “making the room for maneuver” available to the departmental councils within the framework of the payment of the active solidarity income (RSA).

The text adopted in the Senate at the end of July gives them the possibility to set a level of wealth – which cannot be lower than 23. 1263404. 000 euros – beyond which it is not possible to benefit from the RSA. The goods constituting the main dwelling as well as the car, “as soon as its market value is less than 000. . 000 euros ”, however, are not taken into account in the calculation.

“ Differences in treatment ” This amendment raised an outcry on the left as well as on the side of the senators of the presidential majority. The government is also unfavorable to this provision, in particular because it “would allow very significant differences in treatment from one department to another, some choosing to apply this criterion and others not, the thresholds being able to vary”, we explain to the office of Jacqueline Gourault, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion who carries this bill. This article should not survive the passage of the bill in the National Assembly which could take place at the end of September.

“It is simply, when applicants for the RSA have savings important, that is to say beyond the savings bank ceiling, to tell them that before resorting to national solidarity, they must resort to their own means. It is by no means a question of targeting people in a precarious situation, but of targeting people who have precisely the resources ”, had justified Philippe Bas, the president (LR) of the Committee of the Laws of the Senate, on the initiative of this amendment. Some departmental councils had already voted for deliberations going in this direction. of its powers of controlling the active solidarity income, to ask any beneficiary for the documents and information necessary to verify the sincerity and accuracy of the declarations made in the context of the granting and payment of this benefit. ”

Recentralization of the financing of the RSA In the event of non-communication of these documents, he may suspend the payment of the service. “We never wished to open the debate on the control of RSA beneficiaries”, insisted Jacqueline Gourault during the examination of the text at the Luxembourg Palace.

The text taken out of the The Senate also includes the possibility of a experiment on the recentralization of the financing of the RSA , a flagship measure of the government text which had been abolished in committee.