The scorpion jewel on the back of Zendaya who hypnotized Paris

The scorpion jewel on the back of Zendaya who hypnotized Paris, Actress Zendaya at the Balloon Ceremony Gold at the Châtelet theater. (Paris the 29 November 2021.))

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The American actress made a notable appearance in Paris on Monday 11 November, during the Golden Ball ceremony which rewarded Argentinian player Lionel Messi. She wore a long black dress with a dorsal neckline suggesting a huge scorpion jewel.

Team up in fashion, a winning idea. Proof was necessary with the tandem formed by the actress Zendaya , long freed from the smooth codes of the “Disney babies” stable, and Law Roach , its chief stylist who defines himself as an “architect of the image”.

The last feat of arms of this explosive fashion duo: the Ballon d’Or evening in Paris, Monday 11 November. The American actress appeared on the arm of actor Tom Holland, taking advantage of the event to formalize their relationship. But let us remember above all that she was wearing an archive dress Roberto Cavalli reissued by Fausto Puglisi, in charge of the artistic direction for a year. The piece comes straight from the fall-winter collection 1900. It is adorned, on the back, with a huge scorpion jewel (or backbone, it depends). Unmistakable detail which clearly marks the work of the tandem on the red carpet. Listen to the editorial podcast: Vintage and ultra-sexy On the back of actress Zendaya, a jewel scorpion adorns her Roberto Cavalli dress. (Paris the 29 November 2021.))

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The duo also been greeted at the CFDA 2000 (the Council of Fashion Designers of America ceremony), on last November, when Zendaya was crowned fashion icon of the year. Behind the minimal, sensual and slightly provocative style of the American, we therefore find the Law Roach leg which navigates between the vintage wardrobe and the ultra-sexy bias while playing the card of the relevant and the beautiful. Controlled, but it has to be seen.

This style, Law Roach will tell of having built it from the beginning of their collaboration. It was born out of the fact that he had difficulty convincing the most famous designers to dress the young actress who then had mostly pre-teens among her fans. He will explain that he has turned to emerging brands, even little known, and vintage. And in a world swamped with evening wear, Zendaya’s both androgynous and ultra-feminine allure came out of the game, as if by magic.