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The Russians have reportedly found the American Reaper drone that fell into the sea

According to the Russian newspaper, the drone was found 60 kilometers from Sevastopol, at a depth of 900 meters, by the Russian Navy using an underwater reconnaissance drone.

The newspaper writes: the Russian military has not yet decided whether they will try to retrieve the wreckage of the American drone from the depths of the sea. They are considering it primarily because it would be a very complex and expensive operation, they write.

The Russian paper also points out that since the Reaper drone contains valuable technology, it is possible that the United States will try to somehow destroy the device before it gets into Russian hands, a risk that Defense Ministry officials are considering separately.

According to the United States, the Reaper drone crashed into the Black Sea because it collided with a Russian Su-27 military aircraft, according to the Russians, there was no collision.

According to Washington, the drone is actually 1,500 meters deep, and even if the Russians decided to raise the UAV, they will not be able to do so easily: