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The Russian leader announced the next goal of the invasion: the Russian army would go as far as Izmail

At a meeting today, Szaldó said: Ukraine must be blocked from its maritime access, because as long as it has ports, the country “represents a danger.”

Izmail (Izmajil) is located next to the Romanian and Moldovan border, on the western coast of the Black Sea.

Russia currently only controls areas east of the Dnieper, if they want to go further towards Odessa, they have to cross the river or carry out landing operations from the Crimea.

In the early stages of the invasion against Ukraine, they once reached Mikolaiv, but they could not take the city. At first, the Russian forces retreated to the area of ​​Kherson, then in the fall they gave up the city and withdrew their forces to the eastern bank of the Dnieper.

The cover image is an illustration. Source: Getty Images