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The Russian army carried out new missile strikes

The main efforts of the Russian army are still focused on offensive operations in the direction of the settlements of Liman, Bahmut, Avgyijivka and Marjinka in Donetsk Oblast. Bahmut, Avgyijivka and Marjinka are still at the epicenter of the fighting. During the day, Ukrainian forces repelled more than fifty enemy attacks in the region, the Ukrainian defense forces reported.

On Sunday, Russian forces carried out two rocket strikes and opened fire with rocket launchers on the town of Kostyantinyivka in Donetsk County. Andriy Yermak, the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, announced on Telegram that at least six local residents were killed and eight injured as a result of the Russian attack on Kostyantinyivka. He added that the attack damaged 16 multi-apartment buildings and eight single-family houses, a kindergarten, the building of the city tax office, as well as gas pipelines and vehicles.

The governor’s office of Sumy county in northeastern Ukraine announced that in the morning Russian forces hit a milk truck with a mortar, killing two people in the vehicle.

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, Russian forces also opened fire on Toreck in Donetsk County, injuring four local residents.

Pavlo Kirilenko, governor of Donetsk Oblast, informed that the Russian troops had taken the Kuruheve thermal power plant under artillery fire, which caused power supply problems in the region.

Cover image: A special police unit investigates the scene of an explosion following a rocket strike on a residential area that left one person dead and four injured in the city of Kramatorsk, Ukraine on March 14, 2023. Narciso Contreras/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Source: Getty Images.