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The Romanians were thoroughly roughed up: they ordered the army to the border

A total of 3 Russian drones have so far crashed into the territory of Romania, the most recent one about 15 kilometers from the Ukrainian port of Izmail.

As a response, Bucharest so decidedstrengthen the border protection with the following:

  • 600 soldiers, They are deployed in the Danube Delta for 24-hour patrolling.
  • Air defense equipment is installedmainly near Plauru (opposite the port of Izmajil).
  • The F-16s sent by the United States of America to protect Romanian airspace are being relocatedalso for the border patrol.
  • More than 100 high-performance and modern radars are placed along the border (although they add that most of them do not detect low-flying drones).
  • Warship patrols on the Danube are being stepped up.
  • Airlock ordered in the area under the following conditions: no flight of any kind, whether unmanned or manned aircraft, is prohibited up to 20-30 kilometers from the border, at an altitude of 4,000 meters.

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image source: Public Domain