The rise in electricity also affects the shopping basket: oil, 20% more expensive

In recent months, the price of different energies has suffered a considerable rise to the point of being a source of complaint from many institutions. One of them, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has come to the fore this time to denounce such a situation that, according to their reports, already affects even the rise in the shopping basket assuming a serious impact on Spanish households .

With the price of electricity reaching record highs for several days followed , as well as increases also in fuels and in butane , August is turning out to be a financially difficult month threatening to become even more so once the summer break is over. And it is that the average user has been affected by all these high costs, to the point that he is already seeing his pocket also affected when making the purchase.

All due to the fact that the CPI is increasing as a result of the items in transport and housing , according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Some data that the OCU has collected to report such a situation and make it known to the population.

Only legumes and vegetables and fish have lowered their price so far this year Since January of this year, the CPI for food and non-alcoholic beverages has risen by 1.5% , with oils and fats as the item that has been most affected by all this. With a rising price of 20%, water, soft drinks and juices follow the chain with 7.4% growth. The fruit (4.6%), the eggs (3.5%) and the poultry meat (3.0%) are the other basic items that have grown the most, being legumes and vegetables (-1.3%) and fish, fresh and frozen (-1.2%), the only ones that have seen a decrease in their prices.

All costs that directly affect the small consumer and leave the most affected households vulnerable. According to OCU calculations, 45% of Spaniards have suffered a loss of income in recent months, representing a smaller cushion against the aforementioned increases in electricity, gas and gasoline.

Some expenses to which the basket is also added of the purchase to complete this difficult situation generated by the covid – 19, but also by the policies carried out by the authorities . “A worrying fact because directly affects vulnerable economies “, the OCU sentences in its plea of ​​denouncing such events.


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