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The right decision in today’s situation

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Published: Less than 30 minutes ago

Martin Ådahl (C), former Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) and Green Party spokesman Per Bolund attend a demonstration against the Russian war in Ukraine in Norrmalmstorg.

1 of 3Photo: Maja Suslin / TT

Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for nearly three months and on Sunday a new demonstration was held in Stockholm with several party representatives as speakers.

The demonstration, organized by the Nordic Ukraine Forum in collaboration with the Ukrainian Embassy in Sweden, drew a couple of hundred participants. Among the speakers was the secretary of the liberal party Maria Nilsson, who called for more sanctions against Russia.

– Ukrainian victory is the only acceptable final goal in this war. Sweden shouldn’t shake on their cuffs, but they need to send more guns to Ukraine immediately, she said.

Per Bolund, the spokesman for the Green Party, took the opportunity to give other parliamentary parties a spur for the delay in halting the import of Russian coal, gas and oil into Sweden.

“The fuel money goes straight to Putin’s coffers,” he said.

Former Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) quoted Anna Lindh and called for continued commitment to the Ukrainian people.

– Abandonment is our main enemy. Huge abuses are still being committed by Russia and the Ukrainian people are suffering, Löfven said.

“The right decision”

Löfven told TT after demonstrating that Sweden’s decision to apply for NATO membership is “the right decision in the current situation,” but that he has difficulty assessing how it affects Sweden’s opportunities to play an active role in the peace process.

– President Zelenskii recently said that a negotiated solution is needed. How it should be and when it can start I can’t answer.

– The role that Sweden can play depends entirely on what Ukraine wants. I think the management in Sweden is doing exactly the right thing by listening to their needs and acting on that basis, says Stefan Löfven.

More weapons

For demonstrator Marina Bakuma, who fled the Cherkasy region of central Ukraine two months ago, Sweden’s support, even militarily, means a lot.

– This is what I can do for my part, show solidarity with my people who are still in Ukraine and influence the Swedish government to continue equipping the Ukrainian army, he says.