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the return of the rapper before Chaos

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A few days after the release of his new album “Caos”, Fabri Fibra has released an unreleased track for the 64 Bars project.

Fabri Fibra is back with 64 bars produced by Zef, just before the release of his new album “Caos” which will be released on March 18th. First, however, one of the true fathers of Italian rap decided to come out with an unreleased song that is part of Red Bull’s 64 Bars project, a song that also inaugurates their new Youtube channel dedicated to news. The format – which in the past has seen many of the best known rappers on the Italian scene try their hand at panorama, to tell the distortions of the country and the scene with sarcasm and substance. Always pissing someone off.

The meaning of the 64 Bars by Fabri Fibra

It has been years in which Fiber has disappeared without ever really disappearing. Collaborations, many, his unpublished, one, or “Come mai” with Franco 126 to celebrate the collection “Time flies 2002-2020” and close his experience in Universal) and now the announcement of the album, five years after resounding success of “Fenomeno”. “64 bars. Mic check, mic check. Bella Zef, who’s here … What happened to Fibra?” says Fibra before starting to rap and immerse the audience in her world of hers. Inside, in fact, there are his musical references (from MacMiller to Colle der Fomento and Onda Rossa Posse), quotations – not so much – hidden as the “Take a tour in the neighborhood” of Marra which takes up the Article 31, his thought of scene and the contemporary audience (“The fifteen year old listens to Fibra and says: ‘Who is it?’, who does not hear ‘Gang’ or even ‘Eskere’), the endless reference to his career and his disappearances, name dropping and ‘love for the story. The latter is a sort of meta text: Fibra, in fact, writes a story of six words (“I describe a scene with six words:’ He hoped that the gun would jam ‘) as Ernest did Hemingway, quoted in the previous bar, to whom is attributed the most beautiful story ever written with fewer words (six): “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” (or “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”). Welcome back Fiber, let’s wait for the Chaos.

Bitter heart, the text and meaning of the song by Gaia Gozzi

The text of What happened to you Fibra

I detoxed from marijuana
The devil has my number and calls me every day
He tells me I should start over with drugs
Because no one is looking for me and no one wants me
But if God doesn’t exist, hell is a lie
You do not erase sins if you repeat Hail Mary
She dreams of modeling like any girl
Which can already be seen on the cover full of Grace
I don’t lack rhymes on stage
Rap Diablo, how much I miss Mac Miller
On the basis it is only a matter of style
You always complain, you make me laugh, Ben Stiller
The fifteen year old listens to Fiber and says: “Who is it?”
Who does not hear “Gang” and not even “Eskere”
He didn’t believe in God, but now he says “God exists”
I slam my cock in the face of this scene like Gué did
Flow to scream, brother ‘do not be smart
I already told you, with money I masturbate with it
Gloomy face, but no more talking about money, I’m fed up
As if they were everything in life
But if you don’t talk about money then there is no taste
And if you don’t talk about weapons then you don’t do bad
I’d like to talk to you about time travel
Go back fifty years and get acid in Woodstock
I mix consonants with vowels
Elettra Lamborghini inside a Ferrari
Hungry for a lot of knowledge, raised in the nineties
I listened to Public Enemy with Anthrax
I keep every fucking moment in my head
Indelible 94 to give an example
My first live by Colle Der Fomento
I have the original Beat Il Tuo Tempo vinyl
Take a walk around the neighborhood
The baker also listens to me
I could have been an accountant
Because life is give and take
The scene without Fiber does not rock
Two rhymes and I’ll send your brain to jelly
Grew up listening to 2Pac fra ‘
But I like it if you call me Big Poppa
People are crazy, they ask you for a photo first
Then post it on the profile and leave a comment below
Like: “I caught him around but I don’t even listen to him
Better if I caught Sfera who is also more famous “
I’m always nervous, let me smoke
I’ve been killing rappers for twenty years but I’m not a criminal
I organize the funeral for you
After 64 bars, 64 coffins are needed
End! There is never an end
It’s your fault, look what I have to say
Between a thousand bad luck and a thousand challenges
Anyway you know my pen writes stuff like:
Who are you? I win hands down
Hemingway out of these coffers
I describe a scene with six words:
“He was hoping the gun would jam”
Fiber isn’t for everyone
I’m sorry brother if you didn’t understand
Everyone has their own tastes
This is the music I wish I was killed with
I do the last lap, with ice for me
Don’t fool me, I’ll shock you, pate
I’m the best at rap, you know why?
Because Red Bull paid me more for this than you