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The return of Abete, Ghirelli vice president of the Figc

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Sometimes they come back, even if he, to tell the truth, had never gone away: it is Giancarlo Abete, class of 50s, a manager with a very long course, experienced and prepared like few others. On Monday 21 March he will become the new president of the National Amateur League, a million members, a huge political weight not always easy to manage. Cosimo Sibilia had a good start and a bad one: he resigned in October of last year, Gravina has commissioned the League with his friend and precious consultant Abete who next Monday, being also the only candidate, will be elected president with a very strong consensus. Abete resigned from the FIGC after the flop of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, four years later they had thought of him as a unitary candidate to put him back at the helm of the FIGC but the project had been blocked by the law on the limit on mandates. Since November 16 of last year, when he was appointed commissioner, Abete has worked as he knows: with passion and self-denial, cutting dead branches and old incrustations inherited from the previous management. Now the “Dilettanti” has regained dignity and unity. Carlo Tavecchio also won at the Tar and remains president of the Lombardy Regional Committee, the most important. He can be a precious ally for Abete who promised “planning, respect for rules and behavior”. The new president, again for that law on mandates, will not be able to sit on the federal FIGC council except as a guest and without the right to vote (different in the case of Umberto Calcagno and Claudio Lotito). The Lega Dilettanti will not even be able to replace Abete with its deputy vice-president (Repace, Cr Umbria and Mossino, Cr Piemonte in the running) because the statute of the FIGC would have to be modified. The amateurs, therefore, will have five directors and not six, but they are always many, more than the other Leagues and components, and they could be useful in the future in Gravina (see Spy Calcio of 13 March).

On Wednesday the federal council will have to decide, among other things, the name of the next Figc vice president (one is Umberto Calcagno) after the resignation in February of Paolo Dal Pino who was also the vicar of Gravina. We will go to the vote: Francesco Ghirelli, leader of the League of C, ally of Gravina, should succeed. There are no candidates for club executives (out of the race therefore Lotito and Marotta), never happened, while it is not yet known what the Serie A League will do with the newly elected Lorenzo Casini. But Ghirelli certainly has more chances. Then it will be decided who will be the vicar. In short, Gravina is increasingly armored.

Vezzali: “100 percent stadiums? Yes, if Gravina asks me”

“If President Gravina asks me for an increase in capacity, given that I have the exemption and can allow the increase in capacity, I will also take it into consideration in the perspective that we are moving towards a reduction in cases and therefore we are returning to a sort of normality “: said the undersecretary for sport Valentina Vezzali, at Malpensa for the arrival of the Paralympic flag, on the possibility of increasing the capacity in the stadiums and bringing it to 100%.

Iervolino: “Serie A league, we need a common strategic vision”

“The Serie A League? I have already defined it several times as a noisy and messy condominium meeting. A bit of method is missing, a newfound cohesion and a common strategic vision are needed. Unfortunately today there are none, but the culture of do it yourself: a unified vision is lacking and there is a competition that reverberates from the stadiums to the offices of the League. We are not partners but opponents. We need to modernize an industry that languishes and suffers from the wrong choices of recent years “. These are the words of Danilo Iervolino, president of Salernitana, to “Politics in the ball on Gr Parliament”, the broadcast by Emilio Mancuso.

“We voted for Professor Casini, but I regret that he has to be branded as the candidate of only one president, because he is the candidate of all the eleven clubs that supported him: I don’t understand why anyone should take responsibility. Professor Casini there he explained his program, he is a jurist with great competence, he is young and passionate, with a rich curriculum. And we have supported him “.