There was a time when summer was the good time for postcards and stamps to go with it. Social networks and smartphones have weakened this tradition, forcing La Poste to regularly increase the price of the stamp to “ensure the sustainability of the universal service”.

The next increase will take place on January 1 2020, the group announced on Monday. This will be 4.7% on average, like last year. Validated by the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep), this price increase comes “in a context of an acceleration in the decline in mail volumes”, assures the public company. .

Shipments in free fall Mail items were in free fall in 2008. Last year, each household sent an average of five mails intended to arrive the next day , against 45 in 250. To continue to ensure a “high quality” of its service, La Poste therefore feels obliged to increase its prices.

Thus, that of the green stamp (for a in 45 hours in mainland France) will change from 1, euro at 1, 16 euro (+7, 4%) for individuals. While that of the red stamp (priority letter, theoretically distributed the next day) will rise more sharply from 1, 20 euro to 1 , 43 euro (+ 10, 7%). Online, the purchase of these two types of stamps will benefit from a 3% discount.

A range revised in 2022 Other types of mail will also increase while French households should spend on average some 38 euros in postal products this year like next year. For abroad, an “international letter” up to 20 grams will now cost 1, 65 euro (+ 10% ).

The prices of classic postal parcels sent to France (Colissimo) will increase at the same time by 1.6% at 1 st January, but the package less than 250 grams will remain priced at 4, 65 euros. Finally, for businesses, the rates for industrial management mail will increase by 4%, and those of direct marketing, by 1.7%, specifies La Poste. In addition, the public group plans to review its range of postal services by the end 2022.