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The recordings are leaking: Belarusian militants recaptured Klishchiivka

According to the announcement published on the regiment’s Telegram channel, this took place after the regiment of opposition Belarusian volunteers successfully liberated the settlement.

The former settlement of a few hundred people is located just seven kilometers south of Bahmut. The battles for the heights west of the village began at the end of May, and the siege of the settlement lasted for about two months by the Ukrainian forces.

Earlier, the Ukrainian General Staff announced that the nearby settlement of Andrijivka had also been liberated. Klischyivka may be the second settlement to be liberated by Ukrainian troops during the offensive in the eastern region of Bahmut.

Kiev’s undisclosed goal is to cut off the supply of Bahmut, captured in May at the cost of bloody fighting, thereby forcing the city’s surrender.

Cover image source: Gleb Garanich/Reuters via Portfolio