The reappearance of Melania Trump visiting a children's home

The reappearance of Melania Trump visiting a children’s home, On November, the former First Lady went to Palm Beach at the premises of 4KIDS, an agency family placements. Her first appearance since leaving the White House.

She had disappeared from radar. Melania Trump had not appeared in public since leaving Washington in January, at the end of her husband’s presidential term Donald Trump . The former First Lady finally reappeared on 24 November in Palm Beach, Florida at the offices of 4KIDS, one of the leading family placement agencies in the United States. Premises located not far from Mar-a-Lago, the luxury hotel complex where the Trumps live.

In video, Melania Trump radiant and relaxed on her arrival in Florida “Mrs. Trump spent time with young children in care in a host family and participated in a craft activity, said his office according to People . She then had a chat with young adults who have come out of the foster home and are living in the 4Kids Independent Living Homes. ” The former first lady also “visited the organization’s therapeutic center, where the facility provides clinical services to children and families who need additional support and therapy, as well as focused training. on trauma for parents and caregivers, ”his office further clarified.

Listen to the editorial podcast As in the countryside On Twitter, Melania Trump published several photos of this day. “On Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude to the families who open their hearts and homes to children in foster care and to those who work in child welfare. Thanks to you 4KIDSUS who work tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of these children, ”she wrote on the day of her visit. In another post, published the next day, she added, “Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, thoughtfulness and generosity to our communities. Thanks to you 4KIDSUS for showing me the wonderful network you have built to support the children of our nation. Your work is inspiring and essential in helping those in need. ”

Melania’s Return? Is Melania preparing for her comeback? Several of her relatives had however affirmed that she would refuse to attend Donald Trump’s campaign meetings, if he were to run in the presidential election of 2024. ” She does not want to become first lady again , had entrusted one of them to CNN , September 5. For her, it was just a chapter – and it’s closed, it’s over. ”