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The W Track project conceived by Ford, and developed in collaboration with Autodromo di Monza and Assetto Corsa, promotes gender equality in Sim Racing competitions.

Giuseppina Fusco, vice president of Aci and president of Ac Roma, immediately expressed the idea: “More than 60% of 18-year-olds enrolled in driving school courses are women”. A fact that, despite not yet having a sociological explanation, confirms a tendency at least already sensed in the virtual dimension of driving. In fact, in recent years there has been a significant increase in the presence of women in the world of Sim-racing (sports driving simulators). In the professional circuit of the discipline (classified as e-sport), however, female representation is not really significant, a paradox of an environment where, for common sense, the male figure must predominate. The W Track project was born from these assumptions, created by Ford in collaboration with Autodromo di Monza and Assetto Corsa: a proposal that has the concrete objective of reducing gender disparity, and not just in sim racing. “We are proud to present The W Track, a project that transcends itself and launches a very strong message, aimed at promoting inclusiveness and gender equality, opening a universal gateway to one of the most competitive and fun worlds of always, that of eSports “, said Fabrizio Faltoni, president and CEO of Ford Italy.

Ford W university

Ford already has good experience in the eSports sector, participating in the sim racing discipline with its own virtual team: Fordzilla. Currently, the only female driver on the team is captain Sara Stefanizzi. “The fact that there is only one woman in the Fordzilla team is our shortcoming” admits Faltoni, “we know that future pro gamers are out there but we haven’t looked for them enough.” To broaden its horizons, the Ford initiative does not end with the W Track experience alone but continues with another significant appointment. The Ford W University project will come to life in the coming months: a proposal aimed at inspiring the next generation of drivers, not just virtual ones. In this regard, days will be organized where sports driving courses, real and virtual, will be reserved for women only. The support of Ford Driving University professionals and the best sim racers will allow you to become familiar with a competitive and fun reality, further stimulating women’s interest in the world of motor racing.