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The police have launched criminal proceedings in connection with Saturday’s mass accident

According to the announcement, 41 vehicles were involved in the accident. In addition to the deceased man, 39 people were injured; according to the available data, two are life-threatening, twelve are serious, and twenty-five are minor.

The ambulances transported the injured to hospitals in Győr, Budapest, Tatabánya and Székesfehérvár, Pál Győrfi, spokesperson of the National Emergency Service, told MTI on Saturday.

According to his information, the rescuers arrived at the scene with four helicopters and 16 ambulances; ten children and twenty-nine adults were injured in the mass accident. Magyar Koncessziós Infrastructure Fejlsztó (MKIF) Zrt. announced on its social media page on Saturday that the accident could have been caused by a local blowing of dust, which may have caused a sudden decrease in visibility.

According to the announcement of the BRFK, the traffic in the direction of Budapest could start at 0:45 on Sunday, and in the direction of Győr at 5:15.

Cover image: Getty Images