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The Poles also acted immediately: they extended the grain import ban

“I was informed a few minutes ago that the precautions, i.e. the import ban, were lifted,” Morawiecki stated at a press conference in the countryside. He added that he wanted the European Commission (EC) to extend the embargo on Ukrainian cereals.

Morawiecki confirmed:

Warsaw maintains the ban even without the EC’s consent.

Like the Poles, the Hungarian government also decided to take immediate action, in fact, they banned the import of not only grain, but a total of 24 goods from Ukraine. We wrote about it here.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Müller informed the PAP news agency that, in accordance with Morawiecki’s announcement, the order to extend the embargo will be issued on Friday. In its decision adopted on Tuesday, the Polish government called on the European Court of Justice to extend until the end of the year the ban on EU imports of agricultural products from five countries neighboring Ukraine. In the document, it was put into perspective: if necessary, Poland will stop Ukrainian grain imports under national authority.

Cover image source: Getty Images