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The pickleball craze, explained

Pickleballs, a recreational racquet sport combining tennis, table tennis and badminton, became a national obsession in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. The popularity of this sport is due to the social nature of the game, how easy it is to learn to playand the portability of the game. With nets that can be set up on any hard surface, the game is generally more accessible than in other racket sports.

But pickleball popularity peak it created a public space problem as crowds of pickleball players began erecting temporary fields atop public tennis courts, basketball courts, and parking lots. This, combined with the loud noises made by the stiff paddles and hollow plastic balls, has created a new struggle for space between pickleball players and pretty much everyone else.

As more pickleball facilities opened across the country, the pressure on other public spaces eased. Plans are now being developed in cities and towns across the United States and Canada to embrace the pickleball boom and develop free, dedicated spaces for the sport.

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